Link between spinning and labiaplasty surgery?

I came across an article on the Huffington Post which suggests that there is a correlation between the increased popularity in spinning and labiaplasty surgery. The article quotes a US plastic surgeon who says that he has experienced an increased demand for the procedure by women who experience discomfort from spinning, cycling and other physical exercises.

The submissions that I receive on the Labia Project also reveal that many women consider undergoing labiaplasty surgery in order to reduce discomfort caused by physical exercises.

While undergoing the surgery is ultimately a matter of personal choice, I don’t advise undergoing surgery except as a last resort. The procedure is irreversible, often does not meet womens’ expectations, and can lead to regrets later in life. A decision to undergo the procedure should therefore not be taken lightly, and should be taken after extensive research and self-reflection.

There are ways to manage and reduce labia discomfort caused by physical activities. Padded underwear / shorts and emollients (moisturizers) can assist in reducing chafing and discomfort. My reply to this submission contains some additional tips for reducing labia discomfort.

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