The lips of my vagina are shriveled and wrinkly

The lips of my vagina are shrivelled and wrinklyThe lips of my vagina are shriveled and wrinkly and discolored. I am only 20 and have never had sex but they are still like this and it only happened in like the last year or so. The main thing that is annoying me and making me insecure is that they are really noticeable when I am wearing bikinis. I look at other ppl in bikinis and they are completely normal. It is making me not want to wear them but it’s now summer vacation and I am going to the beach. Also they are really noticeable in my underwear. They sort of bulge and look really abnormal. Pls help!!

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There’s a perception that labia minora are supposed to be pink, symmetrical, smooth instead of textured, and tucked away between the labia majora. Labia that look that way are wonderful, but so are all the ones that don’t! It is very common for women to have labia minora that are frilly and uneven, and there’s a huge range of coloration that is normal. To be clear, there is absolutely nothing abnormal about yours.

Given your insecurities when wearing bikinis, you may feel more comfortable wearing padded swimsuit bottoms or swimming shorts which hide the bulge or make it less obvious. Wearing patterned or black bottoms is also helpful as it makes the countours down there less visible.

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