Too much flesh in the lady department

too much flesh in the lady department hanging labia flesh pinching labiaI’ve never been so insecure about these things but as I’ve matured I’ve become more aware of things. I feel I have a bit too much flesh in the lady department. I don’t like having so much. My husband says I should love it and it’s a good thing.. but he has to say that.

Thank you for sharing.

The labia can undergo changes throughout a woman’s lifetime, and you may have become more aware of things down there due to changes that have occurred over time. Having more prominent labia minora is a normal variation, and is part of what makes you unique and special.

It’s wonderful that you have a husband who appreciates your body as it is. The more important thing is for you to accept and embrace your body. Hopefully finding the Labia Project community was the first major step in your journey towards self-acceptance, or at least, gave you some perspective in terms of the range of normal variations in labia.

Clare xo

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