My vagina is beautiful

Hi girls, I’m brazilian (25 years old). Some time ago I felt embarrassed of my vulva, I found my vulva very ugly. But after seeing the work of an artist featuring a mural with 400 vulvas I began to accept myself, because each vulva is different. Looking at that mural we can observe that each vagina is unique and that sometimes there are some similiar vulvas. But in school we see in books only a type of vagina and the diversity of vulvas isn’t mentioned. So we grew up imagining that there is only that “model vulva” and as most women don’t have that vulva they end up getting embarrassed. These projects on the vulva and the mural of that artist helped me to accept myself and today I am happy with my vagina. My vagina is beautiful! Women don’t be sad, love your vulva! Love your diversity!!!

Note: I’m sorry for grammar mistakes, I’m not fluent in English but I wanted to share my story with you.

Thank you for sharing your story and your message of encouragement!

Clare xo

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