My vulva is very bulky and loose

I’m 14 years old and lesbian. I’ve never had oral sex with a girl before due to only just discovering my sexuality. I’m insecure about my vulva. The girl I like is rather flat ‘down there’ (due to seeing her in underwear) but my vulva is very bulky and loose and was just wondering what more experienced lesbians though of this. Honestly, would it be a turn off?

While I can’t speak for lesbian women out there, what I can confidently say is that among all women, straight and lesbian, there is a big range of variations in the spectrum of what would be considered normal vulva anatomy. Also (and this applies to all women, straight and lesbian), if someone is truly into you, they will accept you as you are.

Sexual attraction is a very subjective thing, and there are men and women out there who are attracted to every variation in vulva types. This includes people who prefer “innie labia”, “outtie labia”, and everything in-between.

Clare xo

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