No gold standard for a beautiful vagina

I’m a nurse and in my line of work, I have seen a lot of labia and vaginas. No two have ever been the same. There is no gold standard for a beautiful vagina. And I personally don’t think that there is such a thing as a good-looking vagina and/or labia. They’re all pretty strange looking. For most men, a vagina is a thing of beauty regardless of its shape or size because it is a source of pleasure for them.

Thank you so much for sharing your insights. It is always great to get the perspective of a professional who encounters labia and vaginas on a regular basis – it really puts things into context as most women measure themselves against unrealistic standards which are not representative of the average woman.

Hopefully your insights will help the thousands of women out there who experience insecurities because they think that they fall short of the gold standard for a beautiful vagina.

Clare xo

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