It’s normal to have big labia and dark lips

normal to have big labiaHi!! I have been following this page for years. I used to compare my vagina to every post and think my “labia” looked WAYYYY bigger than others but honestly GUYS DO NOT CARE!!! LADIES EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL !! It’s all about self love. If a guy doesn’t like you for who you are, are you really going to accept that relationship? What if a guy didn’t like you because of, for example, your personality.. but you loved your personality? Are you going to sit there and feel upset?? No!!! The first step is loving the way you look!! Everyone is beautiful and I have been in a position where I would compare and absolutely hated the way I looked. I was at the point where I didn’t even hookup with a guy because I was too nervous of what they thought.. is it too wrinkly? Is it too dark? Are my lips too big??? I’m 21 now and can honestly tell you it starts with your perspective. I was given this body and Im not going to be insecure of my vagina because ITS NORMAL. It’s normal to have big labia, dark lips, etc… Love all you ladies! All of you have beautiful vulvas EMBRACE IT!!!

What a beautiful submission! It’s so wonderful to hear that you have reached a point where you accept and embrace your body as it is <3

Clare xo

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