Not loving the look of my labia

not loving the look of my labia vagina ripplesI’m 26 years old and I’m still not really ecstatic about my … well, most of me. I discovered  sexuality young and was fairly curious about my parts. As I aged I began to compare myself and found that I was not loving the look of my labia.  Having lopsided labia was bad enough but the ripples really bummed me out. It felt malformed to me and I did not want anyone seeing it.

My husband likes it a lot. He told me one day that it didn’t really matter what type of vagina I had,  that I would still not like it because I am not in the least bit attracted to them.  I thought about it  while and he was right.  I don’t find them attractive and that’s ok. But because of that I realized that it didn’t matter much what I thought because I wouldn’t change my mind even if I got surgery.

I believe most girls have issues with their vulva because we are told to be perfect but also not talk about sex. So you sit around hoping youre normal but dare not bring it up in conversation.  I’m mean, I found out about squirting on my own and sat around feeling like a freak for weeks.  I wasn’t ok until I told a boyfriend at the time who told me that I wasn’t weird for that. It sucks that women aren’t really taught more about their bodies and it’s all glossed over. I think talking about it helps. This site is a perfect example.

Thank you for sharing your lovely story and pictures.

Clare xo

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