One labia hangs down lower than the other

one labia hangs down lower than the other 2 one labia hangs down lower than the otherMy inner labia are asymmetrical, and I used to be a bit self-conscious about that. Basically one labia hangs down lower than the other.

I remember one of the first times I ever went to a gyno, I was watching the exam with a mirror, and I saw the doctor briefly looked at the bigger one with what I thought was a kind of puzzled expression. Whether she actually made that expression or I imagined it, it freaked me out for the longest time. I thought, this woman sees pussies all day, so if she thinks mine is weird than it must be really weird!

Like most of the other posters who said they were self-conscious when they were younger but less so now, I’m pretty much over caring about the asymmetry of it. When I first heard about plastic surgery options for the vulva, I briefly entertained the idea, but I decided it’s certainly not an issue worth all that time, pain, and money.

I may not have ever been told mine’s the prettiest pussy someone’s ever seen, but I have been told it’s the best he’s ever had. That’s more important in my book (especially with someone you care about). And I’ve never been told it’s weird or gross looking.

I think saying “pussy is pussy” from a man’s perspective is over-simplifying a bit, because they can certainly see and appreciate the fact that every woman is different. I do agree that they are in awe just to see it, though, and aren’t nearly as critical as we are.

Besides, my pussy’s way prettier than any ballsack, (yuck!), asymmetrical or not.

Thanks for your lovely submission 🙂 I absolutely love your positive attitude!

Clare xo

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