One vagina flap is bigger

One vagina flap is bigger than the other, and I meanĀ  alooooooot bigger! Its gross and I’m so self conscious, will it go away on its own?

Thank you for getting in contact. What you are referring to is referred to as asymmetry of the labia minora (when one side of the labia minora is larger than the other). It is a relatively common phenomenon.

In answer to your question, while a woman’s labia can undergo changes throughout her lifetime, labia asymmetry is unlikely to go away over time.

If it is not causing you any unmanageable physical discomfort, there is nothing to be done from a medical perspective. If you have unmanageable physical discomfort, you may wish to discuss your options with your gynecologist who can refer you to another medical professional if necessary. I would not advise seeing a plastic surgeon first, as many plastic surgeons unnecessarily recommend labiaplasty surgery for cosmetic rather than medical reasons.

Clare xo

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