Reoccuring yeast infections

I get reoccuring yeast infections and I get so itchy and swollen every few months, tried every prescription possible! Just keeps coming back. PLEASE HELP.

There are a number of different treatments on the market for yeast infections, and not all of them work for every woman.

There are antifungal medications which are available as creams and ointments. These usually need to be bought with a prescription from a doctor and are not available over the counter. There are also single dose oral medications in the form of tablets. These also require a prescription. There are also products including creams and suppositories which are available over the counter.

For more serious cases, your doctor might prescribe long-course vaginal therapy to clear up the infection. This can be in the form of an ointment, cream, tablet or suppository, and the treatment can last for up to two weeks.

There are also some home remedies that can be used, including boric acid, yoghurt (which contains probiotics), coconut oil and tea tree oil. While there is limited hard evidence to prove that these remedies actually work, many women swear by them, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence on the internet about their efficacy.

I suggest that you speak to your doctor about the best course of treatment for you. It may be necessary to try many different options on the market to find out which one works for you.

Good luck!

Clare xo

I dislike my clitoral hood

clitoral hoodI’ve felt insecure about my vulva ever since I became sexually active. I had a discussion with my boyfriend about my dislike for the way it looks, and he got very confused and disagreed with me. Later on I spoke to my best friend about it. She told me she had a labiaplasty when she was 15, and she knows a lot of people who have done it in her home country in early teenage years. Before deciding to do anything I decided to educate myself and soon realised that I’ve got nothing to worry about. The only feature I still find unattractive is my large clitoral hood, but I guess I’ll have to learn to live with it and appreciate it. Luckily I have a very supportive partner and I won’t let my clitoral hood become an issue in our relationship or sex life 🙂

Thank you for sharing 🙂

It sounds like you’re on the right track to overcome your insecurities (with the support of your boyfriend). Having a supportive partner who you can confide in often makes the process much easier, so you are very fortunate.

Clare xo

Why I had labiaplasty

Like many of the women on here, I have always felt incredibly insecure about the appearance of my labia minora. Throughout puberty, the size and colour of my labia minora changed due to hormonal changes, and for many years I didn’t have the confidence to discuss this ‘change’ with any of my friends or family members, let alone a medical professional. I found great comfort in looking at blogs (like this one) that promote body positivity, which enabled me to feel less isolated at a time when I felt most alone.

A year ago, I was referred to see a gynaecologist due to an unrelated issue (which has since been resolved), but after the stress of baring all to various medical professionals (including my doctor, consultant and multiple nursing staff), I decided (aged 26) to undergo labiaplasty. I researched local, reputable surgeons and booked an initial consultation a few months later.

Having labiaplasty is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made and has drastically improved my confidence. However, I had suffered emotional and physical pain for many years prior to having this surgery, and I urge anyone who is considering having this surgery done to think very carefully about it.

Whilst there are very few complications and risks associated with the surgery, the recovery period is slow and uncomfortable, and the surgery itself is distressing to go through (especially for someone who has no previous experience of surgery). It is important that you find an experienced surgeon who you not only feel very comfortable with, but who is also not going to abuse your body and is only going to make the ‘necessary’ changes (i.e. remove minimal excess skin) to improve physical comfort and sensation in the area. Reconstructions are expensive, and are also very complicated (and in some cases impossible) to perform, so finding a reputable surgeon to begin with is of great importance.

I hope that any of you considering this procedure (who are not in physical pain like I was) can learn to love and live with your labia as they are, which is something I regret not being able to do. This blog is truly inspiring/empowering and long may it continue!

Thank you for your wonderful insights and for your words of support for women out there who are self-conscious of their labia.

You are correct that going through with a labiaplasty procedure should not taken lightly. I’m so glad to hear that your labiaplasty journey turned out to be a positive one – it sounds like you did thorough research beforehand and did not simply undergo the procedure on a whim or for the wrong reasons.

Clare xo

I have a large clitoral hood

large clitoral hood big clitoral hoodThank you so much for this blog, it has made me feel so much less alone and weird. I have a large clitoral hood and have been freaking out about it wondering if there’s something wrong with me, like too much of a hormone or something. I’m so grateful to have a community women sharing their own experiences with their bodies, we need more of this kind of community.

Thank you for adding your lovely pictures to the project.

There is nothing weird or abnormal about your clitoral hood. There is a big range of sizes among different women, and your clitoral hood is well within normal range.

Clare xo

Fendi labia scarf creates a stir

labia scarfFashion house Fendi has released a “labia scarf” – a neck scarf which resembles a vulva with labia folds, complete with fur resembling pubic hair.

Although the fashion house did not intend for the $1 000 scarf to look like a vulva, the similarities are striking, and the scarf created a social media frenzy.

The scarf has sold out online, with sales largely fueled by the attention that it got on social media due to its resemblance to a vulva.

As the old saying goes, “sex sells”!

Having an “imperfect vagina” is the new normal

There is a widely-held view that women who have an outtie, darker skin down there, and asymmetrical labia (one labia bigger than the other), have an imperfect vagina and are abnormal.

The polls that I have run on the Labia Project tell a different story.

Based on the poll results, around 80% of women (that’s four out of five women) have an outtie. Around two thirds of women have darker skin in their vulva area than the rest of their skintone. And around six out of ten women have labia asymmetry.

I decided to run the polls because it’s a way of gathering data to get an objective understanding of how common these traits are. Hopefully, the data from the polls will make it easier to convince women who perceive themselves to be abnormal, that nothing could be further from the truth.

Based on the numbers in the polls, having a tiny, symmetrical, tucked-in vulva, and light skin down there, is relatively uncommon and unusual.

Clare xo

I have an innie vagina

The only guy who has seen my vagina is my husband, he has said nothing but nice things about what he sees down there! Smart man!! It seems like most women who have made submissions on here have outies. Actually I have an innie vagina, which he finds attractive, I don’t doubt if I had an outie that he wouldn’t find that attractive either!

Thank you for sharing.

It sounds like your husband is a really great guy!

Clare xo

Labia asymmetry poll

Many women who make contact with me are concerned about their labia asymmetry (one side of their labia minora / inner lips being bigger or longer than the other side). I decided to run a labia symmetry poll to find out just how common it is to have asymmetrical labia.

Please participate in the poll by selecting the answer that applies to you, and clicking “Vote”. To view the results of the poll, click “Results”.

Coming Soon