Viva la Vulva Libresse Advert

I am absolutely in love with this courageous and creative Libresse advert called Viva la Vulva. It’s about women learning to embrace vulva diversity and move toward body acceptance. The existence of this advert confirms that we HAVE come a long long way together.

Embracing my vagina

embracing my vaginaI used to be self conscious of my flappy inner vaginal lips but since finding this site I have started embracing my vagina. I even got a piercing to decorate my clitoral hood and celebrate my femininity.

Beautiful 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

Clare xo

Abnormally large labia sympathy card

abnormally large labia sympathy cardI came across this abnormally large labia sympathy card which is a harsh reminder of how insensitive some people can be.

Instead of conveying real sympathy, the card plays on the insecurity of women with larger labia who experience discomfort from their clothing. The clear message that it coveys is that large labia are abnormal and a legitimate source of shame, which is completely false.

It disgusts me that someone (probably a male chauvinist pig) took the time to create it.

Struggled with insecurity due to my labia

insecurity due to my labia labia tongueHi, I am 21 years old and since I was in my preteens I have struggled with insecurity due to my labia. It started when a female friend and I showered together and she pointed out that mine was “longer” than hers and that it looked weird. Ever since then I have battled with this insecurity. This blog really helped me to see that everyone is unique and vulvas are all different. I have battled with wanting labiaplasty on and off for years, but it is really expensive and the recovery and surgery scare me. I get so nervous to show sexual partners my lady parts, but I haven’t really had negative comments. One guy I hooked up with asked why my lips stick out, but I think it was more of a curious question than an insult. However, having this insecurity already, that comment really stuck in my head and left me feeling more insecure and made sex really unenjoyable with him. Every day my body image changes, but I am trying to learn to accept and love myself. I believe that confidence and embracing your body with all its quirks is one sexy quality to have! P.s thank you to all the brave women who shared pics of their vulvas on this blog! You are helping create body positivity 🙂

Thanky you for your beautiful submission and for joining the brave women who have contributed their pictures to the cause <3

Clare xo

I hate my clitoris / clitoral hood

I hate my clitoris aroused clitoris standing(19 years old) I have seen a lot of stuff on the internet for women who are self concious about their labia, which is awesome! My problem however has been that I hate my clitoris / clitoral hood. I rarely see people posting about theirs, which make me feel even more insecure because I really feel like no one has a vagina like mine. You can see my clit when I stand as the hood is big and kind of faces forwards, and when I’m aroused it gets swollen and bigger which I think is so ugly. (First picture is how it normally looks, and second is standing, after arousal.) Am I overreacting or do I have a weird appearance?!

It is important to understand that the clitoral hood is not a separate part of the vulva from the labia. The clitoral hood is formed by the two sides of the labia minora (inner lips) connecting towards the top, forming a hood / sheath over the labia.

Because there is a huge variety of labia out there and no two are alike, this also goes for clitoral hoods. Some are more prominent while others are almost non-existent. These variations occur naturally, and are a result of genetics (that being said, this does not mean that if your mother had a prominent clitoral hood, you will necessarily have one, and vice versa).

The one point that you raised which I agree with, is that no-one has a vagina quite like yours. All vaginas are unique and no two are alike.

Based on your pictures, while your clitoral hood is on the prominent side, it is well within normal range, and there is nothing “weird” or “abnormal” about it.

Clare xo

Crisis message

If you are the visitor with the initials initials “A.H.” who sent me a message saying “help me”, please contact me (I’m not mentioning your full name here for confidentiality reasons). I am here for you if you are going through a crisis.

Clare xo

Meeting my vagina for the very first time

meeting my vaginaI’m 27 years old and I feel like I’m meeting my vagina for the very first time, which is such a strange concept to me. I mean, I’ve been masturbating for years, but only through clitoral stimulation. I’ve even been completely bare down there, but I never checked to see what she looked like. I would catch brief glimpses of myself or feel something when I took a shower or used the bathroom, but I never dared to really look or even really touch it. When I randomly took a mirror into the bathroom with me two nights ago, I feel like my eyes were opened. And. I. Freaked. Out. I’ve never taken an anatomy class (thank you American school system) and I don’t feel extremely comfortable talking to anyone else about this aspect of myself, so when I saw that dangly bit down there, I had absolutely no clue what it was. Was I deformed? Was I normal? I dove into the depths that is Google and narrowed down some information. 1. Something called a clitoral hood exists 2. I’m not sure if I have one or not. 3. I’m absolutely normal. When I came across the labia project, I was relieved and thankful.

So, I’m proud to present my very first picture of my vagina. Thanks for being here and granting me the opportunity to see and appreciate that part of me that had me feeling so ashamed before. My next goal is to actually touch the dangly bit. I don’t know why, but I feel anxious about it, even though, logically, I know it won’t hurt.

Thank you for sharing <3

Clare xo

Since puberty I noticed that my inner labia grew and got darker

labia darker puberty pink vagina hole standing inner labiaI’m 34, no children (yet!). Once I hit puberty I noticed that my inner labia grew and got darker. One is a little longer than the other and pokes out from between my outer labia. The older I got, the more my inner labia darkened the further my public hair expanded in all directions (including around my anus, the skin of which I also discovered had turned a darker shade).
With absolutely no frame of reference at the time, I had no idea if any of this was normal or not! I spent most of my late teens and 20’s worrying about how everything down there looked and once I saw women in porn I was convinced I needed labiaplasty, skin bleaching and insane amounts of laser hair removal! That’s why this project is so wonderful, it gives women like me the chance to see real, natural vulvas in all their varying and beautiful glory.

I have realised that my genitals are perfect as they are. They are mine, they are ‘imperfect’ but that is why they’re perfect! Not 1 other woman on this planet has a vulva that looks just like mine, and I love that fact because it means my ‘bits’ are unique, just like me.

P.S. No man or woman I’ve ever been intimate with has ever cared what labia look like or if I have a bit of pubic stubble on my upper and inner thighs. All anyone I know really cares about is cleanliness down there!

Thank you again Clare. I don’t mind if you cut this down if it’s too long (no pun intended!)

Thank you for sharing your story and adding your beautiful pictures to the variety here 🙂

It’s wonderful that you have managed to overcome your insecurities, embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your beauty. That is what this project is all about!

Clare xo

Insecure about my pubic hair

I’m 21 and I’m totally okay with the shape of my vulva. But I’m really insecure about my pubic hair. There’s a lot, and I mean A LOT. Before I discovered your beautiful project and some other feminist bodypositive resources, I had seen some discussion about pubic hair and people on the Internet only discuss undressing in front of a partner. But it doesn’t apply to me, because my hair can be seen in the underwear and so it affects beaches, simply changing in public places… It can be seen even in short shorts sometimes. It’s everywhere, even in the anus, which I always freak out about in the shower. Not only my outer labia are fully covered with hair, but also the beginning of my legs (the transition between the pubic hair and the leg hair is strongly visible). And the “triangle” goes very high up my belly, some of my panties ends earlier. When I found your website, I was hoping to find someone similar to me but failed. Even the people who don’t shave seem to have a neat triangle-or-something-like-that which can be hidden in the underwear… I keep quite bodypositive about body hair and don’t usually shave legs or armpits, even when I wear open clothes (it depends on the mood, but in winter — nah) but with this I’m quite uncomfortable. But I can’t really shave it because it lasts for two days at most, so it would need shaving all the time (which is a horror to think about) and it also irritates my skin pretty much. When I’m at the beach, I have to shave at least the area around my pubis every day, which causes irritation and leaves red marks. The same also happens with my armpits. My hair is also really thick and can stick out (is this the right word? sorry, I’m not an English-speaker) even from the underwear, which is also a problem with bikinis. Thank you so much for your project, I think it’s amazing and I hope you could cheer me up a bit and make me feel less insecure about my pubic hair.

The amount of pubic hair that you have is generally a result of genetics, and in some cases, can also be influenced by hormonal levels.

I understand that having excess amounts of pubic hair can be embarrassing and annoying, but there are ways to learn to deal with it.

While shaving does not provide long-lasting results and can result in irritation from regrowth, you may wish to try waxing. Although waxing can be painful, once you get used to it, the pain often becomes less over time. The benefit of waxing is that the results last much longer, and there can be less irritation with regrowth. Waxing can also result in the regrowth being finer, as waxing involves the removal of the hair from the root.

Another option that you could consider is laser hair removal, which can lead to permanent (or at least, semi-permanent) results. While this can be costly as you may need seven or more sessions, the fact that it gives lasting results is a definite plus. It is also not necessary to get laser hair removal on all areas, and you could choose to limit it to areas around your bikini line and on your belly, and wax the labia and butt area.

I hope this helps.

Clare xo