I love my labia

i love my labia

I’m 22 years old. After years of self-loathing I can finally say that thanks to this site I have accepted myself and can honestly say I love my labia! Wanted to share a picture for all those women going through a similar struggle.

Thank you so much for your lovely picture, and for your inspirational words of encouragement to the women out there who are going through what you went through 🙂

Clare xo

I feel like my vagina isn’t normal

I hate my labia and I feel like my vagina isn’t normal. I’ve been trying to come to terms with it lately but I just can’t seem to get past it. I definitely wanna become sexual active but I just feel like I can’t. I’m too afraid that my boyfriend will think it’s gross.

You are not alone. Thousands of women out there experience insecurities regarding their vulvas. I get contacted regularly by women who are convinced that their vulvas are abnormal.

Please spend some time looking through the submissions on this site. You will see how much variety and diversity is out there, and how normal and beautiful the variations are.

If your boyfriend truly cares about you, he will love your body as it is, and he won’t have a negative thought about your labia. If he has something negative to say, you will know that he’s not deserving of your time and intimacy.

Clare xo

I love my labia

i love my labia 2 3 4 5 6im from austria. i found your homepage with interest and want to submit my pictures to you. u have to know that i love my labia now. when i was a teen i didnt but now i love to see how it changes from a normal shape to the shape when im horny, see how its changing from smaller to larger. isnt it beautiful?

It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s amazing to see how much it changes in different states of arousal.

Thank you for submitting <3

Clare xo

Vulva Art Project – Imprisoned Vagina

imprisoned vaginaThe seventeenth picture in the vulva art project series is called Imprisoned Vagina. It uses powerful symbolism to depict the way women and their sexuality have been repressed by society.

While some images in the vulva art project series are simply aimed at showcasing and celebrating diversity, this picture has a much more profound message to spread.

It is a fitting message, as this site is aimed at dismantling harmful gender-based stereotypes and emancipating women from the oppression that society and its unreasonable norms impose on women.

The only way to do that is by celebrating diversity and spreading the message that “normal is beautiful”.

To participate in the vulva art project, contact me at clare@labiaproject.com

The right side of my labia has a tear in it

Hello I was wondering if you’d be able to help me, the right side of my labia has a tear in it I don’t know how the tear came about, 80/90% of the time it doesn’t cause me any bother but sometimes it feels like it’s a little irritated and sometimes a tiny bit itchy I’m not sure whether it would be worth seeing my gp or not? Many thanks

Vaginal tears (known as fissures) are usually caused by physical trauma as a result of activities such as sex, fingering, horse-riding, cycling or accidents. They typically heal quickly without the need for medical intervention.

It is generally advisable to be checked out if fissures don’t heal, bleed, seem infected, or are accompanied by abnormal discharge pain and discomfort.

Given that yours is causing minimal discomfort, I would advise monitoring the situation over time. If there is no improvement fairly soon, or if it gets worse and your discomfort levels increase, it would be a good idea to see a doctor to have it checked out.

Clare xo

Is there such thing as a pretty vagina?

This satirical video highlights the misinformation among women which has resulted in the idea that women should aspire to have a “pretty vagina”.

The skewed the perception among women of what a normal, healthy vagina should looks like, has resulted in unfounded insecurities and an increase in unnecessary and sometimes harmful cosmetic procedures such as labiaplasty surgery.

Latina labia

latina labia majora latina labia minora latina spread labiaHi, I am 27 years old and happy with my body. I see that you don’t have much ethnic diversity in the submissions on the site so I decided to add my latina labia 🙂

Thank you for your lovely submission.

While I don’t have any control over who makes submissions and what ethnic group they come from, I encourage and welcome submissions from all ethnic groups.

This site is aimed at embracing and celebrating the diversity of all women. It is aimed at being a resource to promote body pride and to combat body shaming in all sectors of the community. Submissions from a diverse range of women are needed in order to do that.

Clare xo

Does my vagina look normal?

Does my vagina look normal    spreading labia minoraI am 19 years old and a virgin. I’ve always suspected that something is wrong with the way my vagina looks. Does my vagina look normal?

I get contacted often by women asking the same question. The answer is usually a resounding “YES”. In your case, it is a definite “YES”!

Since women rarely see other womens’ vulvas (the visible area of the female genitalia) up close, there are many misconceptions out there about what a vulva should look like, and what is “normal”.

The reality is that there is a wide range of variations in vulva anatomy which are totally normal, including variations in colour (from light pink to shades of purple, brown and gray), size of the labia majora / outer lips and labia minora / inner lips (from labia minora that are tucked into the labia majora and not visible, to more prominent labia minora that protrode out of the labia majora), and texture (from ruffled to smooth labia minora and everything in-between).

Clare xo

Wearing a bikini with enlarged labia

I have recently noticed that my labia minora is really enlarged and I am going on holiday in a month and I am really self concious of the way it looks in a bikini. There is a very large bulge which is definitely noticeable. I don’t want this insecurity to stop me from having fun as I used to be very confident with my body. I am unsure of what to do as I am only 18 and don’t want to get surgery.

First off, you are perfectly normal. Plenty of other girls are in the same situation. Here are some tips which might help to make you less self conscious about wearing a bikini with enlarged labia:

  • Put a pad inside your bikini bottom to add a little more thickness to your suit
  • Wear boyshort bottoms
  • Get a liner that smooths out everything down there – they are available from this company (and quite a few others online – just do a Google search)
  • Wear a retro swimsuit which has a little skirt
  • Wear a colorful / patterned bikini which makes the contours less obvious

The most important thing is to have fun on your holiday, and make sure you don’t let your insecurities get in the way of that – it’s just not worth it!

Clare xo

Golf ball sized lump inside my vagina

I recently found this golf ball sized lump inside my vagina although it only becomes painful during intercourse it’s very scary for me to experience this. I’ve been looking for ways to figure out the problem. I have heard people say that they experienced something similar after having children but I gave birth over 3 years ago and developed this “thing” within the last 3 or 4 months. I’m 19 and scared out my mind. Please help…

The most important thing at this stage is to identify with certainty what the lump / growth is. It may be completely harmless or it may be something more serious which requires attention, but panicking and searching the internet for a diagnosis will probably only cause worry and panic, and is likely to result in a misdiagnosis.

The first step is for you to make an appointment with a gynecologist to get it checked out by a knowledgeable professional. This will probably require a physical examination and may also require a biopsy or some other tests.

Once your doctor has identified the cause, at least you will know what you are dealing with and your options for dealing with it.

Please let me know how it goes. In the meantime I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

Clare xo