Scared to show anyone my vagina

I’m a sophomore in highschool and I’ve had a long labia for as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt very uncomfortable with myself. Because of this I’ve turned down many sexual experiences, I feel like I’m missing out. I’m scared to show anyone my vagina because guys my age are immature. They think vaginas are supposed to look like those on pornhub. Anyways your not alone.

Many guys your age are immature and don’t know that most vaginas don’t look like porn star vaginas.

A big reason for this is a lack of education – in sex-ed, young people are not taught about the fact that vaginas are not all alike, and the differences are completely normal.

You should only get into an intimate relationship with a guy when you’re ready to do so. It should be with a guy who is genuinely into you for the right reasons, and who is mature and sensitive enough not to pass judgment.

Clare xo

Innie vs Outie Vagina Poll

I receive many e-mails and messages asking whether it is normal to have an innie vagina or an outie vagina, and asking how common innies and outies are. I have decided to put an Innie vs Outie Vagina Poll up to find out what percentage of the visitors of the Labia Project have innies and outies. Please vote in the poll by selecting the answer that applies to you, and clicking “Vote”. To view the results of the poll, click “Results”.

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Used to have a very negative image of my vulva

negative image of my vulva 2 negative image of my vulva

Thank you so much for this website. I am 25 and I used to have a very negative image of my vulva because it looks different than the average. I even thought of having labiaplasty for a long time.

However, now I decided to learn to accept my body entirely as it is, and your blog helps me a lot in this journey. I look at my vulva everyday and take pictures of it in order to love it more.

I feel very empowered to send you these images!

Thank you for your lovely submission 🙂

I’m so happy to hear that my blog has made a difference in your life. It sounds like you have made fantastic progress in the journey towards loving your labia!

Clare xo

Problem with big labia

problem with big labiaHey girls, I’m 20 almost 21 and I have the same problem with big labia as many of you, sometimes it even hurts when I walk! Have no fears though, I used to dread getting even remotely intimate with someone for fear of being put down for being different. But I have since found guys either don’t care or actuality lile it. My long term boyfriend can’t get enough of it! I used to be terrified when someone wanted to try and go down on me, but my bf really helped me to see I am beautiful and he supports me in my on going thought as to whether or not to do the reduction surgery. Keep calm girls, we are our biggest critics, so what you find to he a major flaw in your opinion, I can guarantee its no where near as a big of an issue to others as you initially thought!!

Thank you for your lovely submission and your words of encouragement for other women on this site.

Clare xo

BBC Labiaplasty Documentary

This informative BBC Labiaplasty documentary features interviews with doctors and young women regarding the increasing prevalence of insecurity regarding the labia.

The documentary includes expert views about what is normal when it comes to womens’ genital anatomy, and regarding statistics of young women who undergo labiaplasty surgey paid for by the NHS.

Totally hate my labia

totally hate my labiaI am 28 and have wanted labiaplasty for as long as I can remember. I know , I know, variation in labia size, shape and color are normal! But I can’t help to totally hate my labia anyway… even after years of trying to love them. I find myself being repulsed when I look at my vulva and wanting to cut off all that hanging skin with scissors. I’m honestly so tired of feeling this way about my body! It breaks my heart that I just can’t love myself and get over it!

Thank you for being brave enough to share your insecurities.

It is clear that you have educated yourself regarding what is normal when it comes to labia variation. The good news is that half the battle is won already as you are aware that logically and objectively, there is nothing abnormal about your labia.

The other half of the battle is not going to be easy – it will involve dealing with your subjective insecurities and ultimately embracing your vulva as it is: normal, healthy and beautiful in its uniqueness.

I suggest that you read this post by Coach Jane. She describes an excellent technique for confronting and getting over your insecurities by using a mirror and a few minutes of privacy per day.

Clare xo

Large labia pictures

large labia pictures loose labiaI’m 24 years old. Thank you so much for the work you do in boosting women’s confidence, it really does make a big difference to people like myself. Here are some of my large labia pictures to share with other women on the site.

Thank you for your words of encouragement and for your lovely submission 🙂

Clare xo

Does MyoTaut actually work

MyoTautI recently became aware of a product on the market called MyoTaut which is marketed as a non-surgical vaginal and anal tightening solution. Does MyoTaut actually work? I have done some online research to find the answer…

The MyoTaut website says this about how the product came about:

We began as a team of post pregnancy mothers who scoured the internet to find a solution to vaginal looseness. Two of us were chemists, and we new that there had to be a solution. We not only had this common problem, but we wanted to help others. You can easily stretch the skin, but how can you make it smaller?

This was our question and the reason for our quest; to find a permanent solution that could solve our problems. We discovered that if we took only the components from herbal extracts that work extracting from the plants matrix, we could have a serum that is 20 times better than anything on the market today. When we first seen the results we all celebrated because we know the pain of having an altered sex after pregnancy, or the embarrassment of having larger vaginal lips?

According to the MyoTaut website, the ingredients are water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Oak Gall, Hamamelis, glycerin, polysorbate-20, triethanolamine, carbomer, diazolidinyl urea, iodopropynyl, butylcarbamate, benzopphenone-4, propylene glycol, fragrance, acetic acid, blue 1, yellow 5.

I could not find any information detailing how its active ingredients actually work to reduce the labia size or tighten the vagina.

But what about people out there who have actually used the product?

There are mixed testimonials on the internet about its effectiveness. Some websites have testimonials from users who claim that MyoTaut has reduced the size of their labia within a matter of weeks, but there are also testimonials stating that it has had no effect other than causing a rash or other vaginal health issues.

For those who claim that it does work, this may also just be due to the placebo effect.

As a general rule, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And a serum which costs $29.95 a bottle, and which is an alternative to labiaplasty surgery costing $5000, sounds to good to be true.

For most women who have insecurities with their vulva, the answer doesn’t like in a bottle or in a surgeon’s knife – it is internal, and can only truly be solved by confronting and overcoming those insecurities.

Clare xo

Self-conscious about my vulva

I’m almost 16, but from the age of (about) 14 I have been ridiculously self-conscious about my vulva. Everything sort of ‘sags’, and I just hate to even look down there, let alone start to think of ever letting anyone else go near it; it genuinely terrifies me to think about what a guy might say about me, whether that is to my face or to his friends. The phrase ‘beef curtains’ repulses me. A few years ago I considered asking my mum to take me to the doctors, although now I know that they cannot do anything and the only way to change it would be a labiaplasty. In the last few months, partly because of your blog and other websites, I have generally started to feel better about the way everything looks, although sometimes it all just looks bigger and I feel like I’m back at square one. What I also find strange is the fact that when I look at other women’s submissions to the site, I find myself getting defensive about all the negative things they are saying about themselves as every single one I have seen is beautiful. I think this says a lot about what I need to improve in my mindset, as I do not see what other people consider to be flaws, however I cannot get over my own. On a side note, have you heard of a product called myotaut? It is meant to ‘shrink the labia’, and tighten the vagina, however there is very little info on the website, and the whole thing seems like a scam to me. What are your thoughts on this? (PS. I am in no way considering buying this). I know that this is a very long message, and I apologise that I got a bit carried away, but I want to genuinely thank you for taking over this blog as it has boosted my confidence, even if I have a lot to work on. May I also ask that if this is posted you don’t include even my first name, just for privacy reasons. Thanks again 🙂

Two things that you have said are an indication that you have made amazing progress in working through your insecurities and accepting your vulva as it is – every single one of the submissions on the site is beautiful, and the site has made you generally feel better about how you look down there.

It’s clear, though, that you have some way to go in working through your insecurities and getting to a point where you embrace and accept your vulva as it is. The important thing is that you have acknowledged that a subjective mind-set change is the solution (rather than surgery or other physical alterations).

I had not heard of Myotaut before receiving your submission, so I can’t express a view about how effective it is. I will do some research and put up a post about it shortly.

Clare xo

Felt ashamed because my vagina wasn’t normal

I’m 20, nearly 21 years of age. I had been with my high school boyfriend from the age of 13 up until 18, for the three years I was sexually active with him we always had sex in the dark, and he never went down on me. This was all because I felt some what diffrent and ashamed because my vagina wasn’t normal well I tell you what. What isn’t normal is me wasting those three years having boring in the dark sex because society made me feel as though I wasn’t normal. I broke up with him and had a few sexual partners in between, all of which yes I still had sex in the dark and no oral, mostly because they where just drunken hook ups and I wasn’t prepared to let them tell there friends about my vagina when I was done with them. My life changed when I meet my current partner. Was scared at first, I won’t lie. The first time we had sex, you guessed it, in the dark. Haha but after that I let my guard down a little, the lights where left on a couple of times, he never said anything. In saying that he thinks I’m God’s Gift in his eyes. (So sweet). Sex aside, whenever I would get dressed he would comment on why I would always cover that specific area, with my hand or maybe my undies my reply was always “I don’t like my vagina” I’m sure to this day (2 years later) he still thinks I was joking around. He thinks I’m perfect, I let him go down on me orally for the first time, he couldn’t believe he was the only person I had let. Something just felt so right with him, no judgements nothing. All of this shame and sadness all because I thought my vagina wasn’t normal ahaha all this porn crap, society this society that means nothing, at the end of the day you have to feel comfortable with you so who cares what other people think. If a guy doesn’t want to have sex with you because of it well that’s his loss, I’m sure someone else would happily take his place. Don’t worry about the little stuff in life that can’t be changed, your born with it. So use it, who cares. Anyone you y’all to will hate something about themselves, it’s jusy life. So live it xx

Congratulations on learning to love yourself and your vulva! It is wonderful that you worked through your fears and came to realize that it really is about self-love and self-acceptance. I’m glad you also now understand that the time we spend fearing that we’re abnormal (when we’re as perfect as nature made us!) just keeps us from enjoying sexual pleasure. It is also lovely to read that you have a partner who thinks your God’s Gift—we all deserve partners like that! 

Take care, Coach Jane