Abnormally large labia

hi, I’m 15 and have what i would say is abnormally large labia with a clitoral hood unlike any other that i’ve seen on here. I’ve decided not to have sex for a while anyway but have got a boyfriend and as we’re both virgins I’m terrified of what sort of reaction he’d have. I wouldn’t see it as an option anymore but i did research into labiaplasty for a while. Anyway, a while ago we had talked about how all women have different looking vulvas and left it at that until recently when he brought it back up and asked if I had a longer labia and you can bet I didn’t want to admit that from a build up of how embarassed I am of it. I’ve been looking at this blog for a while now and although it has helped me to come to terms with myself within reason, I’m nowhere near happy with what I do have downstairs. I’ve seen the whole “look in a mirror” thing but honestly I don’t think it can help me anymore ๐Ÿ™

The reason your vulva looks unlike any that you’ve seen on the Labia Project is that no two vulvas are alike. Your uniqueness makes you special, and is a beautiful thing.

I’m glad that the Labia Project has helped you, to some extent, to come to terms with your labia, but it sounds like you still have some way to go in order to fully overcome your insecurities.

It sounds like you are assuming that your boyfriend’s preference is for smaller labia rather than larger labia. The reality is that for most guys, it doesn’t make a difference whether a partner’s labia is bigger or smaller, and some guys even prefer larger labia.

You should only take the step of engaging in sexual activity when you are ready to do so. Part of being ready is being comfortable with your own body, and being comfortable with your partner.

Clare xo

Abnormally large pubic mound

I’m 18 years old and ever since from a young age I’ve had an abnormally large pubic mound. I’ve always been insecure about it because I can’t wear certain types of clothing, since the pubic mound sticks out so much. When I wear tighter pants, two pronounced lines will form between my thighs and the public mound, outlining the entire area, not to mention that it also looks almost as if I have male genitalia.ย  I have never had sex, and I’m self conscious to because not only is my public mound large, but my vulva is chubbier too. This combination makes it so that my clitoris and vagina are completely engulfed my fat / skin. I don’t know what to do ๐Ÿ™

Thank you for sharing your story.

A large mons pubis (the medical term for the pubic mound) can be caused by different factors in different women. It may be caused by having a prominent pubic bone, or it could be caused by excess fat or loose skin in the area.

It is often prevalent among women who are overweight, and in those cases, a general weight loss program can also help with reducing the size of the pubic mound. Where the mons pubis is disproportionately large compared to the rest of the body and is caused by excess fat in the area, many women choose to get liposuction to have the fat removed. While this may seem like an attractive option and a quick-fix, I would only recommend this in severe cases and as a last resort, where other alternatives do not help.

With regard to your concerns about the mons pubis sticking out in certain clothing, plain black pants can help to make it less prominent (in addition to being generally flattering and slimming). Loose-fitting clothing will also help to make it less apparent.

Clare xo

Abnormality of my labia

abnormality of my labiaTHEY DON’T LOOK HOW I THOUGHT THEY DID!! I have always been interested in labiaplasty due to being a VICTIM OF MISINFORMATION, PORN, AND LACK OF EXPOSURE TO OTHER REAL WORLD VAGINAS, and – now 21 – surgery actually seemed like an option. As such, I was exploring this topic and found your blog. YOU ARE A HERO. NO LIE. This is a chronic issue facing women of the modern age and it is no understatement to say I felt INADEQUATE AS A WOMAN AND AS A HUMAN BEING because, as it turns out, I had been lied to by society about the supposed ugliness and abnormality of my labia. So. I’ve always been afraid to look too hard down there, or to take any photos, for fear of hating what I’ll see. Long story short, your blog gave me the confidence to take some pics – and get this? I ended up loving what I saw. Totally average, totally fine! Plus – and this is something I want to say to every woman reading this – as a bisexual woman myself I have a double perspective as it were, and as I scroll endlessly through this blog (I’m obsessed!) I cannot help thinking how if any one of your beautiful labias belonged to the girl I liked or the woman I was in love with, it would instantly be transformed into utter perfection in my eyes, if it weren’t already. And I know I’m not alone in this – romantic bias is a fact. What I’m saying is, even if you can only get to a place of ‘I guess my labia are okay…’ THAT’S ENOUGH! Because your partner, if they’re attracted to your personality and to the rest of your body (which I should damn well hope they are!), they won’t see what you see. I promise. Plus, a good 75% of what makes a person attractive is confidence imo – INCLUDING OWNING YOUR LABIA! Sorry for the rant, I am just very passionate about vaginas, this blog, women, feminism, and happiness! Peace and orgasms x

Thank you for your beautiful rant <3

Clare xo

My labia are two and a half inches long

Hi! So basically I’m just really stuck on what to do, I’m thirteen and my labia are two and a half inches long and they cause a lot of pain to walk and they stick to my thighs. I have a hormonal imbalance so I get vaginitis more than average and they get really sore and itchy and it hurts to even touch them at this point. I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone and I really don’t know what to do.

I’m so sorry to hear about the discomfort that you have been experiencing.

There are a few different things that you could do to try and reduce the discomfort.

You could try 100% cotton panties for increased airflow, and if that doesn’t work, try a soft fabric like satin. Looser fitting pants and underwear with a supportive lining may also help. The correct choice of clothing can play a big role, and you will have to try a few things out to figure out what works best for you.

You could also try hypoallergenic soap to reduce the irritation to the area – glycerin soap is ideal and is available from most drug stores.

I hope that these suggestions help to reduce your irritation and discomfort!

Clare xo


Low self-esteem when it comes to my vagina

Hi! I’m new here and I’m 17. I want to express on how I feel so far about my vulva. I’m very insecure and have low self-esteem when it comes to my vagina. I’m a virgin and thinking about sex but the appearance of my vagina is holding me back. I’m afraid that it’s not beautiful enough and I don’t want to be harshly judged or rejected because of it. So, I heard about this blog and I would like to gain confidence and love for the appearance of my vagina.

Thank you for sharing.

The most important opinion about your vulva is your own. It is important for you to love and accept yourself as you are before you share yourself with someone else. Don’t rush into sex – rather learn first to love yourself enough to have the confidence to say “I don’t care what anybody else thinks”. That way, you won’t have fear of being judged or rejected.

A good place to start your journey is by reading this post and putting the advice contained in it into practice on a daily basis.

Please keep me updated on your journey towards self-acceptance and feel free to contact me anytime you want to share any of your concerns, fears or successes on your journey ๐Ÿ™‚

Clare xo

Is it normal?

This feels like a safe place so I have a couple of questions ๐Ÿ™‚ย I have yellow dots on my inner labia. If they are fordyce spots, what are they and how can I get rid of them. Will they put people off from going down there. Also how do you know which way your hair grows. And how can I orgasm. Everyone at school says they have but I’ve never even thought about it. Finally is it normal to have hair grow around my bum hole . Oh and is it normal to have hair on my belly. I’m 15. Many thanks

Thank you for your questions ๐Ÿ™‚

The dots are probably fordyce spots, which are basically enlarged oil glands / sebaceous glands which occur naturally in many people. They usually don’t require treatment (they are harmless), and it is unlikely that anyone would be put off by them as they are normal in males and females.

If they are unsightly and you have a severe case, it is possible to have them removed. Many dermatologists use micro-punch surgery to treat severe cases of fordyce spots. The treatment involves using a small device to punch the skin and remove unwanted tissue. The treatment is done using local anesthetic and the results are very quick. Laser treatments are also often used to treat severe cases of forcdyce spots, but there is a risk of scarring with laser treatment.

Fordyce spots can also fade naturally with age, so even in severe cases where the spots are unsightly, the issue often goes away on its own with time.

The easiest way to figure out the direction of the hair growth is by seeing the growth patterns after shaving or waxing for the first time. When the hair grows back, you will be able to clearly see the pattern in which it is growing.

Different women are able to orgasm through different types of stimulation. Some women can orgasm through penetration of the vagina (fingering or intercourse), while others can only orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris (which is the most sensitive part of the vulva). Some women also orgasm from pressure such as from the water flowing from a shower head / faucet directly onto the vulva. To figure out what works best for you, you will need to spend some time experimenting.

It is quite normal to have hair growth around the anus (bum hole) and to have a trail of hair between your belly button and your pubic area. Many women get this hair removed through waxing (there is a popular waxing treatment known as Brazilian waxing which removes all of the hair in these areas).

Clare xo


Part of my labia has no feeling in it

part of my labia has no feeling labia damageHi there! Im 22 and came across this project when I realized I had a somewhat “outtie” vagina and none of my friends did … so I went out in search of people who had vaginas like me. I had limited sex Ed growing up and never really gave my vagina a look until recently. I noticed that one side of my labia goes down a bit and is a little darker. The other side is more in … so really when my legs are together I can only see the one large labia bulge. Even though I was a little freaked out at first, I love my vagina and am not trying to make it one way or the other. However, I realized today that this section of my labia has no feeling in it… kinda like when you pinch the extra skin on your elbow. The other side of my labia does have feeling and I overall have a very sensitive vulva and am able to orgasm just fine. I’m just wondering if I should be concerned and get this checked out.. it doesn’t feel hard but could it be trauma to the labia or a cyst of some sort?

i guess i wear a lot of tighter clothing and grew up doing ballet which also required tight restrictive clothing so maybe that has something to do with it? i also had a bad experience with an ex bf hurting me by forcefully fingering me while drunk but im not sure if it was wear this protrusion is.

I only noticed it today. i never paid much attention to my labia minora before but have been doing a lot of research since realizing i had this part that poked out. after some research i learned its normal to have exposed labia, but i cant seem to find much on labia numbness. it feels like thisย  one side of my labia minora is much thicker than the other. and behind this thick part is more sensitive labia, similar to the other side.

Thank you for sharing your story and pictures.

The vulva has many nerve endings in it which make it sensitive and make sexual activity pleasurable. Most of the nerve endings are concentrated in the clitoris area making it especially sensitive to touch, pressure and temperature (which is why some women are only able to orgasm through clitoral stimulation). The labia minora have fewer touch and pressure receptors.

While not a lot of research has been done in this area, I came across a study done in 1975 of how many nerve endings women with larger labia minora have. The abstract of the study is published here. The study concluded that there is an “individually varying rate of occurrence of the nerve endings in the external genitals” and that the results were “random”. In simple terms, this means that there are variations between different women in the number of nerve endings found in the labia which occur randomly, and some womens’ physiology will be such that their labia has no feeling or reduced sensation and sensitivity in certain areas.

The labia minora is basically tissue which can occur in different sizes on different women, and which can be asymmetrical (one side bigger than the other). Based on what I have managed to find out, the fact that the protruding part of yourย labia has no feeling in it, is probably a result of the fact that you have fewer nerve endings in that part of your labia. It would not be caused by the fact that you wore tight clothing when you were younger or by the incident with your ex bf as neither of these factors would result in permanent numbness or loss of sensation.

Clare xo