I have always had a huge problem with my labia

huge problem with my labiaHello, I am 23 years old and I have always had a huge problem with my labia.. felt like people would judge me and think I’m gross. But as I’ve gotten older and done a lot of research especially on here I’ve realized that I’m not an alien and that it actually makes me unique, so thank you so much for that. And I’ll continue to use your site while learning to love myself from head to toe

Thank you for sharing your story and lovely picture. I’m so happy to hear that the Labia Project has been a part of your journey towards self-acceptance.

Clare xo

One flappy flap sticking out of my vagina

flap sticking out of my vagina labia frills legs spread big labia pulling labia to the sideDear fellow people with labias, When my labia grew in, I didn’t think she was anything special I thought everyone looked like me down there. Then I saw porn, and all those seemingly labia-less women and I was shocked and worried that I may be different and weird. I started asking myself, why do I have just one flappy flap sticking out of my vagina when I stand up, why is it dark? Why am I different? I used to hate it, I was so self conscious… I didn’t want guys or other girls to see me, I felt gross. Then in early high school i made a friend who was open about everything, and she was talking about her labia, saying it was longer then what you see in porn, and I told her mine was too! She showed me hers, and it was so pretty, and unfortunately i didn’t feel any better about mine. Though hers was long, hers was even on both sides, and mine is not even at all, and i again felt alone and self conscious. Then I found this site, and I was shocked at the divisity of labia! We all look different down there, and it’s beautiful! I started thinking, labia is like fingerprints, they are unique and all women are unique, and I love that. Then I got a new boyfriend and I showed him my labia when we had sex for the first time, and he said it was beautiful. I told him I was self conscious of the flap sticking out of my vagina and he said I shouldn’t be, it’s unique and brings out my personality. This changed me and i have a new perspective on my parts, they are unique to me, and that is something special. No one should feel bad about what they got, and everyone with labia should be proud that it’s their own unique piece. Wheather you got dark labia, light labia, multicolored labia, big labia, small labia, labia up top, labia down low, labia all around, and even labia on one side. That is beautiful, and you should be proud. ~Female, 18

Thank you for sharing your lovely story and beautiful pictures.

Clare xo

Used to be disgusted by my labia

disgusted by my labia disgusting labiaI’ve always been insecure of my labia to the point where it would make me feel disgusted by my labia almost all the time. At this age (22) is the first time I have started to embrace the difference of my labia. I’ve considered getting labiaplasty but it would bring no benefit to me, it is simply a cosmetic procedure. I’ve met someone who changed my whole perspective on larger labia and I really want to give thanks to him! Remember ladies, there are men out there who love big labia! I will NOT look down at myself anymore just because someone does not like my labia, because there is someone else who love them!

Thank you for sharing your story and pictures πŸ™‚

I’m so glad to hear that you have decided against getting a labiaplasty and have embraced your labia as they are. It sounds like your partner is a keeper!

Clare xo



I love my body

Hello Im [name removed – I don’t publish submitters’ names] a 24 year old Kenyan lady. Im in loooove with my body. I remember being curious and self conscious about my body when i was 18 and thats when i came across this page which really boosted my esteem atleast i felt i wasnt alone. I am proud of the person I have become looking all those years back. I plan on starting a campaign to help young teenage girls build their confidence. Im thinking of dyeing the hair and adding a piercing.

It’s so wonderful to hear that the Labia Project has reached and helped women as far as in Africa! It has truly become a global project which provides a caring and non-judgmental platform to celebrate diversity and address self-esteem issues.

Your campaign sounds really interesting – please tell me all about it and keep me updated on how it goes. I would love to help out with it in any way that I can!

Clare xo

My labia are brown and long

my labia are brown and long brown labiaI just want to say that I feel so insecure. I’m 23 years old and I’m afraid of meeting a guy, I don’t want anyone to see me. My labia are brown and long. Long like a lot! it looks so awful. Sometimes I wish I could meet someone, because I feel so lonely, but then I think that nobody’s gonna love me if they see me naked. Do men care about labia?

I’m so proud of you for being brave enough to open up about your insecurities. Variations in labia color are normal, and the labia minora (inner lips) can vary from light pink to shades of brown, grey and purple (and many shades inbetween). There are also big variations in labia minora length among different women, and these variations are also perfectly normal. Based on your pictures, you have nothing to worry about.

While some misinformed and immature guys may be judgmental when it comes to womens’ labia, the vast majority of guys won’t care whether you have an innie or outtie, or whether the labia are darker or lighter in coloration.

Clare xo

Depressed about my vagina

Hi I’m [name edited out – I never publish names of submitters] I’m 16 and I hate my vagina so much it makes me feel sick just looking at myself in the mirror about 2 years now I’ve noticed my large labia and clitoral hood i am honestly so depressed about my vagina I recently went to see my local doctor with my mum who knows how I feel about my vagina the doctor said it was average length so I then tried another doctor I then had to see another doctor who said it was normal and their is nothing they can do about it on the nhs after that I had a second opinion who also said it was normal and if I did get my labia cut off then I would still have a cliteral hood and it would look right, me and my mum can’t afford to go private as it is around 3 grand my mum says I will have to wait till I’m 18 and refuses to talk about it anymore but it’s all I think about everyday my mum is blessed with a barbie vagina me not so much I’m at the age where I’m now one off the only girls in my age group who haven’t done stuff with boys yet but I’m too scared off doing stuff with a boy and them turning me down because off my large labia or telling my friends I have a “sloppy vagina” or “beef curtains” it’s not just boys who talk about it the girls do aswell I heard girls talking about this girl and saying she had a ugly massive beefy vagina I’ve honestly got to the point where I feel so depressed about my vagina I’m questioning cutting them off with scissors it’s that bad, I judge myself everyday and hate my body I can deal with that but I’m so scared off being judged by someone else it honestly has me in tears I just don’t know what to do any advice.

Thank you for being brave enough to open up about your insecurities regarding your vulva.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that if two medical professionals have expressed the view that your vulva is normal, it probably is. They are experts when it comes to the human anatomy, and they have seen many vaginas in their line of work. They would be able to tell you if there was anything abnormal about your vagina.

The bad news is that being assured that you are normal is not a solution to your insecurities, and will not make them magically disappear. Overcoming insecurities is a long and difficult journey, and one in which you need support and understanding.

It’s a pity that your mum refuses to talk to you about this issue anymore, as having a support structure and someone like a close family member to confide in regarding your insecurities is very important. You are welcome to write to me anytime you want to talk about your insecurities. I promise to listen to your concerns without judgment, and to do my best to provide you with support and understanding.

I suggest that you start your journey towards self-acceptance by using this technique to develop a more positive relationship with your vulva.

Clare xo

My vagina looks perfect

my vagina looks perfectAs a young girl, it was so difficult to see my vagina as beautiful. When I got older, I would see pictures of other women’s vaginas and think they were so beautiful. I started my journey towards accepting my vagina for how it looks. I’m currently 21 and I love my vagina more and more every single day. It’s hairier than I usually like it to be, but I still think my vagina looks perfect.

Your vulva is perfectly unique and beautiful πŸ™‚

Thank you for sharing.

Clare xo

Proud of the way my vagina looks

proud of the way my vagina looks vagina pride labia and perineum meaty vagina

I’m married 39 and have 2 kids but recently had a new sexual awakening and am proud of the way my vagina looks. Embracing my body even though it’s not perfect makes me feel so confident.

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and story <3

It’s wonderful to hear uplifting stories like yours.

Clare xo

Dangly labia

dangly labiaΒ  hanging labialabia tucked inThis project is amazing. Im 24 years old and I’d never been self conscious about my ‘private areas’ or even paid them that much attention to be honest, and I’d never had any complaints or comments from guys. However after meeting a guy who loved us watching porn together I was shocked – none of the girls looked like me! Their labia were all so small and neat and even. Mine just felt like dangly labia – a messy, uneven explosion that hung for miles in comparison. I could tuck them away fairly well but they always found a way to dangle back out! I began to get really self conscious, thinking of myself as some kind of deformed freak. I didn’t want to let anyone go down near that area incase they recoiled in horror! I started considering labia surgery even though I’m very anti cosmetic surgery on any other body part. However after finding this page I feel much happier- there are still times when I feel a bit self conscious with the appearance of mine, but seeing a reminder that normal labia come in all shapes and sizes helps a lot! So I thought I’d share mine to help out any other long labia gals out there who shared my same insecurities!

Thank you for sharing and for supporting the Labia Project. Contributions like help countless girls / women who are going through the same insecurities that you went through. πŸ™‚

Clare xo

One of my labia minora is stretched

Im 14. one of my labia minora is stretched on the end and longer than the other, o.O :$ although it doesn’t hang out of my labia major. although im not planning to have sex until marriage it is still embarrassing as i’d like them to be the same size and im not planning surgery. this site really helped me tho as i was wondering what was wrong with me.

Thank you for your submission. You should check out theΒ labia asymmetry poll in the Polls & Surveys section. Around 65% of women who participated in the poll said that one side of their labia is bigger or longer than the other. It should be clear from this that there is nothing wrong with you, and that you are perfectly normal πŸ™‚

Clare xo