Vein on the left of my labia

I have what looks like a vein on the left of my labia by my vagina. The best way I can describe it is like a puffy vein running along the side of the labia. It looks like a worm, and I feel really embarrassed about it and want to avoid showing it to the doctor if I can. What could it be?

It’s difficult to say what it is based only on your description but it sounds like it could be a varicose vein. However, trying to self-diagnose using the internet is generally not a good idea, and the best way to get a diagnosis of what it is, is to see a gynecologist or a physician.

Clare xo

My vulva is very bulky and loose

I’m 14 years old and lesbian. I’ve never had oral sex with a girl before due to only just discovering my sexuality. I’m insecure about my vulva. The girl I like is rather flat ‘down there’ (due to seeing her in underwear) but my vulva is very bulky and loose and was just wondering what more experienced lesbians though of this. Honestly, would it be a turn off?

While I can’t speak for lesbian women out there, what I can confidently say is that among all women, straight and lesbian, there is a big range of variations in the spectrum of what would be considered normal vulva anatomy. Also (and this applies to all women, straight and lesbian), if someone is truly into you, they will accept you as you are.

Sexual attraction is a very subjective thing, and there are men and women out there who are attracted to every variation in vulva types. This includes people who prefer “innie labia”, “outtie labia”, and everything in-between.

Clare xo

Deeply grateful for this blog

I’m so deeply grateful for this blog and the great videos! You made me see that I’m absolutely “normal”. I guess that was what I needed to accept myself. Thank you a thousand times! You made me cry – because I’m lucky now 🙂 .
Lovely greetings from Germany

Thank you for your lovely message of support. Knowing that this blog is doing some good in the world, is my reward for the time and effort that I put into keeping the blog going.

Clare xo

Little piece of skin sticking out of my vagina

skin sticking out of my vaginaI’m 26 years old. I had two children vaginally. Since having my second child I have noticed this little piece of skin sticking out of my vagina. It gets pulled on during running which is very annoying. Can I get it clipped off?

The piece of skin that you are referring to is your labia minora. For most women, it is unnecessary to take any steps to get it removed, but if you are experiencing a high level of discomfort, a labiaplasty may be an option.

However, you will see from this site that I generally do not encourage labiaplasty and other types of surgery of the vulva, and going that route really should be a last resort if the discomfort is truly unmanageable and is genuinely affecting your life.

Clare xo

I love my vagina

i love my vaginaI’m 21 years old and after batting years of insecurities about all parts of my body, I can finally proudly say I love my vagina. I’m sharing a picture to help others out there who are going through insecurities with their vaginas.

Thank you for your lovely contribution and for encouraging others who are going through personal struggles with their body-image.

Clare xo

Vulva art project – Hanging Labia

Hanging labiaThis is the sixteenth picture in the vulva art project series, entitled Hanging Labia.

It features a vulva with prominent labia minora which hang about an inch below the labia majora. Approximately half of all women have labia minora that protrude from their labia majora, and the picture pays homage to those millions of women.

If you would like your vulva to be featured in the vulva art project series, get in touch with me at

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Many women who have decided to share their submissions on this blog, have found it to be an empowering experience which has helped them to embrace their uniqueness and come to terms with their body-issues.

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Why is my vagina sagging?

why is my vagina saggingwhy is my labia saggingI’m 25 years old and I have noticed a change in my vagina over the past couple of months. Why is my vagina sagging? The left side is sagging more than the right and it is annoying how it gets caught on my underwear and clothing especially during sports activities.

It is normal for women to experience changes to their labia minora throughout their lives. This can include some growth, changes in colour (which usually involves darkening), and changes in texture.

The changes can be triggered by hormonal factors, and genetics also play a large role in the process. Natural childbirth can also cause some lasting physiological changes in women, although the vagina is a very elastic organ and generally retains its shape despite childbirth.

The hormonal and genetic changes are alarming for many women who panic and mistakenly assume that something is wrong. They are a normal part of womanhood and are not a cause for concern.

Have a look at my reply in this post for some tips on clothing options which might help with the discomfort that you experience during sports activities.

Clare xo

How to keep the vagina clean

how to keep the vagina cleanThere is a common misconception out there that it is necessary for women to regularly clean their vagina (the inside of their genital anatomy) by using soap or other products. However, the reality is that this can do more harm than good, and the body has its own mechanism to keep the vagina clean.

The vaginal discharge that is often considered annoying and even unsanitary, is part of the vagina’s mechanism for keeping the vagina clean. It flushes out dirt and pathogens. The vagina also contains good bacteria called lactobacilli which keep the PH balance (i.e. the acidity / alkalinity balance) on the more acidic side. This makes it difficult for harmful pathogens to multiply.

Using soaps and other cleaning products can irritate the tissue in the vagina and affect the delicate PH balance, creating conditions for bad bacteria and pathogens to multiply.

That being said, it is a good idea to clean the vulva (the outside genital area) regularly, and this should be done using plain water and a cloth. If you absolutely have to use soap, use unscented soap and be careful to ensure that it does not enter the vaginal canal. Glycerin soap is ideal for this.

It is also not a good idea to douche the vagina, as this may also result in a PH imbalance and may affect the good bacteria. Even douches and products which claim to maintain the PH balance are usually more harmful than beneficial, and should be avoided.

Another reason to let the vagina do its own thing in terms of cleaning itself, is that cleaning the vagina make you more vulnerable to contracting a STD. The lactobacilli provide a level of protection against STDs, and this protection is compromised by doing anything which affects the lactobacilli.

At the end of the day, remember that your body is smarter than you think, and your body has its own mechanisms to keep the vagina clean and healthy.

How to get rid of my protruding pubic bone

I am now 16 and for the longest time I have been looking into know how to get rid of my protruding pubic bone. It has always bothered me because I thought it was weird and that I was different and everything, so I was so self conscious because of wearing bikinis, shorts etc. I even have to have sex with the light off because I am so worried about it. At the end of the day though no one has ever said anything to me and I guess we all just need to get on with life, because the person you are with doesn’t want you for your vagina they want you because its you.

Thank you for getting in touch.

You are absolutely right that if the person you are with truly cares about you and is with you for the right reasons, this won’t matter.  What is most important is for you to be sure that you are ready to be in a sexual relationship with the person in the first place.

It is common for some women to have pubic bones that protrude slightly, and it is usually not something to be worried about. I often get contacted by women regarding the topic “how to get rid of my protruding pubic bone”.

Here are some tips that you may find useful:

  • Wear dark-coloured or patterned swimsuits (this will make it less obvious)
  • Wear loose-fitting swimming shorts / board-shorts / shorts
  • Wear lycra underwear or underwear with a lining / padding

Clare xo