Percentage of women with outies, and other polls

My polls and surveys are continuing to run, and I decided to put up an update on the results given that each poll has been completed by nearly 2 000 participants. Because of the large number of participants, the results are now more representative than ever.

The innie vs outie vagina poll reveals that 74% of participants have outie labia (inner labia that are visible through the outer labia).

In the pubic hair poll, nearly half of all women (45%) remove all of their pubic hair, which shows that while it remains fashionable to remove the pubic hair, it is not nearly as popular as it used to be, with more than half of all women keeping their pubic hair to some extent.

The vulva color poll reveals that 76% of women have darker skin on their vulva compared to the skintone on the rest of their bodies.

Lastly, in the labia asymmetry poll, 66% of women reported having asymmetrical labia (one side bigger or longer than the other).

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