Piece of hymen hanging out

I just recently got married and after having sex for my first time I had a piece of hymen hanging out. I thought it was gross and ugly. I knew it was the thing that had been making me have all the trouble getting my tampon out for years. This will creep you out, but i stretched it out as far as i could and cut it off with a sharp pair of hair scissors. Now it can’t be seen anymore. I did bleed somewhat of a lot for the first night but after that it stopped. The doctors will prolly kill me when i have my checkup lol

Thank you for sharing 🙂

I’m not going to tell you that it was a bad idea to cut the remnants of your hymen off, as it is clear from your submission that you already know this.

Getting the tissue removed by a gynecologist is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be done in his / her rooms. It is far safer if it is done by the gynecologist – he / she will avoid cutting any blood vessels, and the tools that are used will be sterile, reducing the chances of getting an infection.

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