Problem with big labia

problem with big labiaHey girls, I’m 20 almost 21 and I have the same┬áproblem with big labia as many of you, sometimes it even hurts when I walk! Have no fears though, I used to dread getting even remotely intimate with someone for fear of being put down for being different. But I have since found guys either don’t care or actuality lile it. My long term boyfriend can’t get enough of it! I used to be terrified when someone wanted to try and go down on me, but my bf really helped me to see I am beautiful and he supports me in my on going thought as to whether or not to do the reduction surgery. Keep calm girls, we are our biggest critics, so what you find to he a major flaw in your opinion, I can guarantee its no where near as a big of an issue to others as you initially thought!!

Thank you for your lovely submission and your words of encouragement for other women on this site.

Clare xo

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