Since puberty I noticed that my inner labia grew and got darker

labia darker puberty pink vagina hole standing inner labiaI’m 34, no children (yet!). Once I hit puberty I noticed that my inner labia grew and got darker. One is a little longer than the other and pokes out from between my outer labia. The older I got, the more my inner labia darkened the further my public hair expanded in all directions (including around my anus, the skin of which I also discovered had turned a darker shade).
With absolutely no frame of reference at the time, I had no idea if any of this was normal or not! I spent most of my late teens and 20’s worrying about how everything down there looked and once I saw women in porn I was convinced I needed labiaplasty, skin bleaching and insane amounts of laser hair removal! That’s why this project is so wonderful, it gives women like me the chance to see real, natural vulvas in all their varying and beautiful glory.

I have realised that my genitals are perfect as they are. They are mine, they are ‘imperfect’ but that is why they’re perfect! Not 1 other woman on this planet has a vulva that looks just like mine, and I love that fact because it means my ‘bits’ are unique, just like me.

P.S. No man or woman I’ve ever been intimate with has ever cared what labia look like or if I have a bit of pubic stubble on my upper and inner thighs. All anyone I know really cares about is cleanliness down there!

Thank you again Clare. I don’t mind if you cut this down if it’s too long (no pun intended!)

Thank you for sharing your story and adding your beautiful pictures to the variety here 🙂

It’s wonderful that you have managed to overcome your insecurities, embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your beauty. That is what this project is all about!

Clare xo

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