Pudgy outer vaginal lips

pudgy outer vaginal lipsHey everyone, I too have long inner vaginal lips and pudgy outer vaginal lips! Don’t worry! Take a look at ALL the submissions on this site by hundreds of us women that have the exact same “problem” and you will realize that it’s actually EXTREMELY normal!

I was so ashamed of my vagina that I wouldn’t even wear swimsuits without shorts til my 20’s. I worried and cried about it literally DAILY. But I feel so free now knowing it’s completely normal and accepting my body the way it is. You should too! You will feel much better if you accept yourself and don’t worry… Guys sure don’t worry about it at all!!!!

Hope this helps at least 1 girl who suffered as much as I did to realize it’s not worth ruining your life worrying over, LOVE YOURSELF!! 🙂

Thank you so much for your lovely picture and your message of support!

Clare xo

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