I put tea tree oil in my vagina

I recently put tea tree oil in my vagina and on my vulva, which made my lips inflate. Now the lips both minor and major are extremely wrinkled. I feel self conscious, but want to love my body, even though I’ve damaged it. Thanks for all the support here on this site.

After receiving your submission, I googled the phrase “I put tea tree oil in my vagina” and found that a disturbingly large number of women say that they have done the same thing. The conventional wisdom around this is that because tea tree oil is natural, it must be safe and healthy.

This is not the case – it is not safe to use tea tree oil to clean the vaginal canal, and this can lead to serious problems.  Undiluted tea tree oil can burn the mucosal lining of the vagina which is very sensitive. Tea tree oil is also not pH-neutral, and can disturb the delicate pH balance in the vagina.

Other natural oils such as coconut oil and olive oil are pH-neutral, but even then, they are not recommended for use inside the vaginal canal. The vaginal canal is a self-cleaning and self-regulating environment, and anything that is used to remove or disturb the fluids in there (including soaps) can affect it. This includes douching with plain water, as this can flush out the healthy bacteria and dilute the fluids that maintain the necessary pH-balance in the vagina.

It would be a good idea for you to see your gynecologist so that she can examine you and determine whether you have suffered any damage to the mucosal lining of your vagina or to your vulva. Your gynecologist may also be able to prescribe something to soothe any burning or irritation caused by the tea tree oil.

Clare xo

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