Red itchy sore vagina

I’m 22 years old from Holland. Ever since last summer, I’ve had a red itchy sore vagina. Some days are worse then others.

I’ve used hormone cream, been treated for yeast infections three times, swabs were clear and nothing seems to work. No STD’s either. I’m starting to get desperate.

My gynecologist said that he couldn’t see anything odd except for my hymen still being . Now I need to ‘train’ the hymen, but it doesn’t explain the rest of my vulva being so painful.

My doctor wants me to have sex more it for the hymen but I feel like it’s only getting worse. During sex it’s okay, but afterwards I get the stinging feeling again. Even without having sex, I sometimes get that feeling suddenly.

There are days when I think it’s improving, and then later that day it gets really sore and red. There just doesn’t seem to be a clear reason for it. Any advice would be appreciated.

There are many conditions that could cause a red itchy sore vagina including Vulvodynia (persistent pain in the vulva area), Bacterial Vaginosis, Lichen Scelrosus and other infections.

I understand that you are frustrated that your gynecologist does not seem to have identified the problem and the solution. However, self-diagnosis through the internet is almost never a good idea.

You should see another doctor and get a second opinion.

Please keep me posted on how things go 🙂

Clare xo

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