I regret getting a labiaplasty

I have been so insecure about myself for many years that I finally had a labiaplasty. The doctor didn’t take any loose skin from around my clit, just where the penis enters in… so it still looks weird and I’m even more embarrassed than before. But the only difference now, is that I lost feeling to the point where I can barely ever orgasm, they took so much off that i actually tear the flesh when me and my husband have sex. I regret getting a labiaplasty and I’m so unhappy…

If i would have known that i was going to meet a man that loved me as I was, I would have never had the surgery. Because of the pain from this, its really hard to stay wet because my attention is on the pain instead of enjoying my husband. He always thinks he’s doing something wrong, and I will forever live with this insecurity and shame because i know i did this to myself.

Not only have I always been embarrassed to go to doctors, but now I am even so embarrassed to even show it to my own husband!

But there is so much more to a person than the outward appearance, Thank God!!

Thank you for sharing your story, and I am so sorry for the challenges you have had. Hopefully your story will help visitors to the site think much more carefully before taking the huge step of having surgery in their most intimate of regions.

The solution to these issues is often an internal solution (a change of self-perception and attitude) rather than an external cosmetic solution. An internal solution can come from trying to embrace your body and uniqueness, but sometimes requires you to talk to a professional (such as a psychologist or counselor). This is often better than to go ahead with the surgery and later regret getting a labiaplasty, as it can’t be undone once it has been done. xx

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