Roundish thing sticking out of my vaginal opening

Im 15 and, ive had this roundish thing sticking out of my vaginal opening, its about 2cms long, like a tube but its just all flesh, i dont feel anything when its touched. I suspected that is was just my hymen, and ive read that your hymen can break even if your a virgin (which i am). But then i read that the remnants of the hymen are usually found on the bottom of the vaginal opening and this piece of flesh is protruding out of the top, i checked the bottom and there was another, smaller piece there too, is it normal to have 2 pieces of the hymen at both ends of the opening or should i be worried?

In all likelihood there is nothing for you to worry about, especially if you are not experiencing any physical pain or discomfort. It may simply be some redundant tissue that you can live with or that can be easily removed by a gynecologist. To be sure, I would suggest that you see a gynecologist to get an expert opinion.

Please send me an update on what the diagnosis is once you have seen a gynecologist. You are also welcome to contact me at

Clare xo

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