“Scientific” link between sexual activity and labia length

link between sexual activity and labia lengthSo much misinformation on womens’ labia is circulated on the internet under the guise of science. This is a particularly extreme example, and it would be fair to say that I am disgusted that someone would create and spread this. It perpetuates the widespread myth that there is a link between sexual activity and labia length.

The use of medical terminology and the footnoted references to articles in medical journals, give it the appearance of legitimacy, making the information seem convincing. Most people would not go to the trouble of verifying whether the medical journals indeed support the claims made. This is what makes this type of misinformation particularly dangerous.

The headline of the article (“Slut Detection 101”) is the first important indication that it has no legitimacy. This makes it clear that it was probably created and spread by a misogynistic male, with the purpose of body-shaming women whose labia are absolutely normal.

The reality is that there is no scientifically established link between normal sexual activity and labia length. The only impact that normal sexual activity has on vaginal physiology, is the breakage of the hymen if it is still intact at the time. The vulva is a very elastic organ, and its physiology is not affected by masturbation or sex.

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