Scientific study of variations in female genital dimensions

With so much misinformation out there about what is “normal” when it comes to womens’ vulvas, I decided to do some research to get to the hard facts around this issue. This included a poll that I ran on the Labia Project to establish what proportion of visitors have “innie vaginas” and “outie vaginas”. I also located an academic article about a scientific study of variations in female genital dimensions.

The results of the Innie vs Outie Vagina Poll (which had over 500 participants) showed that around 80% of women have outie vaginas (inner labia that protrude through the outer labia), compared to around 20% who have innie vaginas (inner labia that are not visible through the outer labia).

With regard to the academic article, it is entitled “Female genital appearance: ‘normality’ unfolds”. It was authored by Ms S. M. Creighton of the Department of Gynaecology at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital in London, and it was published in 2004 in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The objective of the study was to describe variations in genital dimensions of normal women, and it involved a physical observational study of 50 pre-menopausal women, to establish variations in various parts of their vulvas including clitoral size, labia length, width and color and vaginal length.

The study found that there was no statistically significant association between different labia sizes and colors, and womens’ age, ethnicity, or history of sexual activity. It found that women vary widely in genital dimensions.

The study found the following range of dimensions among the participants:

Range Mean (Average)
Clitoral length (mm) 5–35 19.1 [8.7]
Clitoral glans width (mm) 3–10 5.5 [1.7]
Clitoris to urethra (mm) 16–45 28.5 [7.1]
Labia majora length (cm) 7.0–12.0 9.3 [1.3]
Labia minora length (mm) 20–100 60.6 [17.2]
Labia minora width (mm) 7–50 21.8 [9.4]
Perineum length (mm) 15–55 31.3 [8.5]
Vaginal length (cm) 6.5–12.5 9.6 [1.5]

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  2. Me

    My right labia minora was probably about 8 centimeters (80 mm) wide, because my gynecologist said my right labia minora was twice the size as my left labia minora, and my left labia minora hangs about 4cm (40mm) away from my body, bit maybe I’m measuring incorrectly. In his office, he told me that the vast majority of women he sees who want the surgery he turns away because in his opinion, their labia are within normal range. He told me he had only performed about four labia minora reductions. This was around the year 2004. As soon as I walked back into his office after he examined me in another room, he said, “You do need surgery”. He told me my right labia minora was twice as thick and twice as long as my left labia minora. On the day of surgery he drew ink lines on only my right labia minora. I told him I wanted my left labia minora shortened as well, and then he said to me, “But your left labia is normal”. I stood my ground, but then he threatened to nor do the surgery, claiming that labia surgery is like breast implants; that women are often disappointed with the results. I then pleaded for him to do the surgery, because I didn’t have the money, and I had trouble falling asleep because my labia would rub up against my body pillow, cause discomfort during classes while sitting in chairs, and get hot and sweaty I’m summer and cleaning menstrual blood off of it was time consuming. So when I woke up from the surgery, and went home, I noticed that he only cut off my right labia minora, almost completely (a plastic surgeon who examined me in my 30s said that in one portion it had been effaced!). I’m in my 30s and I still have my left labia many centimeters longer than my right labia. I would’ve gotten revision surgery earlier, but I always assumed the government wouldn’t pay for it since it would be considered cosmetic (since my right labia was the one that was causing me physical discomfort). The government of Canada paid for that gynecologist to chop off my right labia minora. I had penetrative sex for the first time at age 30. I am assuming that if I had attempted intercourse before age 21, my right labia minora would get caught up inside. My right labia minora started to grow much longer than my left when I was 8 years old. I started puberty at age 8. When I was 8 I would grab my mom’s nail scissors from our bathroom, take them into my bedroom, close the door, and sit in front of the door on the floor holding the open scissors against my right labia, fantasizing about cutting it off, but I never made any cut, because I always knew it would cause extreme pain, so I didn’t. Your list of figures makes it seem as if labia minora never hang more than 5cm (50mm) away from the body. Look at the videos and photos of Latina hipster cam girl “greatlips25”. I had the same amount of asymmetry as her. I might have had the same length, too. There’s a video of a woman tying her labia minora into a knot. I’m so glad that you think my right labia minora was normal and should never have been cut off!

  3. Me

    I was being sarcastic with my last sentence. Maybe you should make a website encouraging teenage girls with gigantomastia to not bow to pressure to look like cute starlets like Elsa Jean, Piper Perri, and the small shirts that are marketed in the stores and just live through the back pain! Punky Brewster’s Soleil Moon Frye was weak and bowed into media pressure when she got her surgery at age 15 to reduce the size of her breasts! All breasts are normal!!! It’s just a conspiracy on behalf of surgeons who want to get rich by telling people like Soleil that there’s something wrong with them!!! Stop breast reduction surgery!!!


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