Self conscious about my vagina

self conscious about my vagina wrinkly labia large labia and clitoral hoodSo I’m 20 and I’ve always been so so so self conscious about my vagina, I’ve had boyfriends but have always found a way to cover it whilst we’re having sex although they didn’t mind it they didn’t really say anything to reassure me. Until recently I met the most amazing boy who loves me for me and has actually told me he loves it and especially because it’s a part of me. He’s also acknowledged the stigma of ‘bigger’ being bad and shot it down. It doesn’t mean that at all if anything it’s something to play with and can be beautiful. I honestly never thought I’d ever feel comfortable about my vagina with a man but I’ve never felt more loved for me but I finally don’t have a problem and wanted to share my stories with other girls too:) were all different and if they don’t love you for you then you’re with the wrong person! Xxx

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and pictures. It sounds like your current partner is a keeper!

You, and all women out there, deserve to be with someone who is supportive and who loves the uniqueness that is you 🙂

Clare xo

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  1. Abb

    Girl, you’re beautiful and I can totally relate. I feel confident in myself now and my partner loves my labia as well, which was something I was totally scared about before.


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