Self-conscious about my vulva

I’m almost 16, but from the age of (about) 14 I have been ridiculously self-conscious about my vulva. Everything sort of ‘sags’, and I just hate to even look down there, let alone start to think of ever letting anyone else go near it; it genuinely terrifies me to think about what a guy might say about me, whether that is to my face or to his friends. The phrase ‘beef curtains’ repulses me. A few years ago I considered asking my mum to take me to the doctors, although now I know that they cannot do anything and the only way to change it would be a labiaplasty. In the last few months, partly because of your blog and other websites, I have generally started to feel better about the way everything looks, although sometimes it all just looks bigger and I feel like I’m back at square one. What I also find strange is the fact that when I look at other women’s submissions to the site, I find myself getting defensive about all the negative things they are saying about themselves as every single one I have seen is beautiful. I think this says a lot about what I need to improve in my mindset, as I do not see what other people consider to be flaws, however I cannot get over my own. On a side note, have you heard of a product called myotaut? It is meant to ‘shrink the labia’, and tighten the vagina, however there is very little info on the website, and the whole thing seems like a scam to me. What are your thoughts on this? (PS. I am in no way considering buying this). I know that this is a very long message, and I apologise that I got a bit carried away, but I want to genuinely thank you for taking over this blog as it has boosted my confidence, even if I have a lot to work on. May I also ask that if this is posted you don’t include even my first name, just for privacy reasons. Thanks again 🙂

Two things that you have said are an indication that you have made amazing progress in working through your insecurities and accepting your vulva as it is – every single one of the submissions on the site is beautiful, and the site has made you generally feel better about how you look down there.

It’s clear, though, that you have some way to go in working through your insecurities and getting to a point where you embrace and accept your vulva as it is. The important thing is that you have acknowledged that a subjective mind-set change is the solution (rather than surgery or other physical alterations).

I had not heard of Myotaut before receiving your submission, so I can’t express a view about how effective it is. I will do some research and put up a post about it shortly.

Clare xo

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