Self-conscious about my labia discoloration

self-conscious about my labia discolorationI’m 30 years old and just now paying attention to the way I look down there. These entries have really helped me understand the vast differences and beauty of the human body. I think women are way harder on themselves then men are when they look at us. I have never even thought about my labia being different until recently. I realized it’s not easy to get “inside” without spreading them apart. Which had me looking at why, and then realizing it’s not very pretty down there. I got really self-conscious about my labia discoloration and then I found this site. Thank you! I think confidence goes so much farther than we realize. If you own it, and are confident in who you are, no man or woman is going to worry about how it may look. Be proud! I don’t love my discoloration or length of labia, and I am not a fan of my pregnancy hemorrhoids leaving there mark…. but overall I don’t think anyone who has seen them cares, and anyone that cares… well they shouldn’t see them.

Thank you for sharing your picture and story – it’s great that you have managed to reach a point where you have such a positive attitude!

Clare xo

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