Little piece of skin sticking out of my vagina

skin sticking out of my vaginaI’m 26 years old. I had two children vaginally. Since having my second child I have noticed this little piece of skin sticking out of my vagina. It gets pulled on during running which is very annoying. Can I get it clipped off?

The piece of skin that you are referring to is your labia minora. For most women, it is unnecessary to take any steps to get it removed, but if you are experiencing a high level of discomfort, a labiaplasty may be an option.

However, you will see from this site that I generally do not encourage labiaplasty and other types of surgery of the vulva, and going that route really should be a last resort if the discomfort is truly unmanageable and is genuinely affecting your life.

Clare xo

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