Sluttiness doesn’t stretch the labia

sluttiness doesn't stretch the labia20yo, American of yugoslavian ethinicity. 20+ partners, only to prove that sluttiness doesn’t stretch the labia. Ever since I started growing pubic hair at 13, I maintained a fully hairless vulva via shaving or Brazilian waxing. Now I’m finally comfortable with my natural hair coverage. I’m not writing off waxes, but when I do them now it’ll be if and only if it’s something I really want.

Thank you for sharing your story and picture 🙂

After a few years of it being fashionable to maintain a fully hairless vulva, it’s becoming increasingly common for women to allow their pubic hair to grow out. While many women still believe that it is more hygienic to remove all of their pubic hair (which is a myth), at the end of the day, the important thing is for you to do what what feels good to you, and for you to be comfortable with how you maintain your pubic area.

Clare xo

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