Struggled with insecurity due to my labia

insecurity due to my labia labia tongueHi, I am 21 years old and since I was in my preteens I have struggled with insecurity due to my labia. It started when a female friend and I showered together and she pointed out that mine was “longer” than hers and that it looked weird. Ever since then I have battled with this insecurity. This blog really helped me to see that everyone is unique and vulvas are all different. I have battled with wanting labiaplasty on and off for years, but it is really expensive and the recovery and surgery scare me. I get so nervous to show sexual partners my lady parts, but I haven’t really had negative comments. One guy I hooked up with asked why my lips stick out, but I think it was more of a curious question than an insult. However, having this insecurity already, that comment really stuck in my head and left me feeling more insecure and made sex really unenjoyable with him. Every day my body image changes, but I am trying to learn to accept and love myself. I believe that confidence and embracing your body with all its quirks is one sexy quality to have! P.s thank you to all the brave women who shared pics of their vulvas on this blog! You are helping create body positivity 🙂

Thanky you for your beautiful submission and for joining the brave women who have contributed their pictures to the cause <3

Clare xo

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