Struggling with accepting my vulva

struggling with accepting my vulvaHey there! I felt the urge to add my story. I am 18 years old and i am still struggling with accepting my vulva. When i was around 14, my best friend and I were changing into our swimsuits when all of a sudden she freaked out. turns out she was startled when she saw how different my vagina looked compared to hers. she had an innie. She asked me what was wrong with it and i told her that i was like this since i was born. this was the first time i thought that something was wrong with my body. ever since then i have been nervous that other people will react the same. But no one has. So i am slowly but surely regaining my confidence and trying to accept that all vulvas are different but all are beautiful.

Thank you for sharing. It is wonderful to hear that you are regaining your confidence and realizing that all vulvas and unique and beautiful 🙂

Clare xo

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