I have thick white creamy vaginal discharge

I normally have clear discharge but there have been changes in the past few days and i am worried that something may be wrong. Why do i have thick white creamy vaginal discharge? When i take off my panties at the end of the day they are full and I mean FULL of the stuff. Could it be an infection? Or pregnancy? I have not yet done a pregnancy test.

There are many factors which can cause thick white creamy vaginal discharge.

For most of a woman’s monthly cycle, the discharge is usually clear and thin, but can be a light white color. During the early and late parts of the cycle, the vaginal discharge becomes whiter and thicker than normal, and ovulation makes the discharge more slimy in consistency.

During pregnancy, vaginal discharge also becomes thicker and white in color, and looks similar to egg-white. This is because a mucous plug is formed outside the opening of the cervix to act as a protective barrier and to prevent bacteria and infections from entering the vagina.

A fungal or yeast infection, such as candida, can also result in white, thick discharge. Such infections are very common and can usually be easily treated. The discharge is usually thicker, and may be chunky with the consistency of cottage cheese.

It would be a good idea for you to get a pregnancy test to exclude the possibility of pregnancy – if you are pregnant, it’s better to know early so that you can make the appropriate lifestyle changes that go with pregnancy.

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as itchiness or pain, it would be a good idea to see a gynecologist to get an expert opinion. Your gynecologist may be able to immediately tell you the cause of the white creamy vaginal discharge, or may send a sample of the discharge to a laboratory for testing in order to identify the cause.

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