I think women are being insecure for no reason

Sorry, but I think women are being insecure for no reason. After seeing these posts, I got upset at how many women feel their vulvas aren’t normal. Seeing a girl on here call herself a freak really hurt me. I have never heard a guy in person say anything about preferring a certain type of vulva. If any guy thinks your vulva is weird, he’s either uneducated, a virgin or inexperienced, and you don’t want to date an asshole that prefers a certain vulva-most guys should feel lucky to get to have sex with you. You’re special and don’t let some loser tell you otherwise; you deserve to be loved no matter what you look like. If you watch porn, you’ll see many women with bigger labia minoras are very sucessful also, girls with “innes” are successful as well. Please ladies, be confident in your vulvas!

Many of the insecurities that women experience with their vulvas are caused by deep-seated issues such as insensitive comments made by their male partners which caused subconscious trauma, or the pressures of modern society to confirm with a specific idea of beauty. A lack of education is also a big factor.

You are 100% correct that all women are unique and special. No two vulvas are alike, and the perception that there is only one body type / vulva type that is normal or attractive, is skewed by misinformation and ignorance.

Any guy who makes a woman feel anything less than a goddess when she shares her most intimate parts with him, does not deserve her.

Clare xo

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