Tissue hanging from my vagina

I’m 16 years old. When I was a younger, my hymen broke during dance. I have had a piece of tissue hanging from my vagina for as long as I could remember and never really thought much about it. It didn’t bother me until I started to wear tampons and have sex. If the piece of skin got caught, it was really painful. When I went to the OBGYN for a regular checkup she said that she could remove it if it was bothering me. It is called a “hymenectomy”. I decided to get it done and I had it removed yesterday. It was scary before hand but the whole thing took only 10 minutes and it wasn’t that bad. The area is still feeling very tender, but with time it will heal and make wearing tampons and having sex much more comfortable.

Thank you for sharing your story. A hymenectomy is a routine and relatively straightforward procedure. I’m happy to hear that yours went well. 

Clare xo

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