Told my younger sister that her vagina looked weird

I made the mistake of being a teenager and telling my younger sister that her vagina looked weird. I’ve never forgiven myself. She has protruding inner labia and what I should have said is you look DIFFERENT than me. Just like we don’t have the same nose, eyes, hair, etc. She has never forgotten it either.

So what I’m saying is different doesn’t mean wrong or broken, it just means different and it’s ok to be a little different.

(And I hope no one thinks this is weird but we have a very open family and shared a bathroom. So yes, I’ve seen my sister in the nude as grown women.)

Thank you for sharing.

Clearly you made the comment without any ill-intent, and as a result of your lack of knowledge at the time regarding what is normal. Your story just goes to show how much damage can be done to someone’s self-esteem through an uninformed comment (even if it was made innocently).

This project is aimed, in part, at educating women about what is normal, in order to destroy the perception that women with labia which are larger, more frilly or darker in colour than others, are somehow abnormal or unattractive.

Clare xo

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