Totally hate my labia

totally hate my labiaI am 28 and have wanted labiaplasty for as long as I can remember. I know , I know, variation in labia size, shape and color are normal! But I can’t help to totally hate my labia anyway… even after years of trying to love them. I find myself being repulsed when I look at my vulva and wanting to cut off all that hanging skin with scissors. I’m honestly so tired of feeling this way about my body! It breaks my heart that I just can’t love myself and get over it!

Thank you for being brave enough to share your insecurities.

It is clear that you have educated yourself regarding what is normal when it comes to labia variation. The good news is that half the battle is won already as you are aware that logically and objectively, there is nothing abnormal about your labia.

The other half of the battle is not going to be easy – it will involve dealing with your subjective insecurities and ultimately embracing your vulva as it is: normal, healthy and beautiful in its uniqueness.

I suggest that you read this post by Coach Jane. She describes an excellent technique for confronting and getting over your insecurities by using a mirror and a few minutes of privacy per day.

Clare xo

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