Uncomfortable with my labia

uncomfortable with my labiaI’ve been extremely uncomfortable with my labia since I was probably like 13, you know that age where some girls are sexually active but some weren’t. I wasnt. Partly because I wasn’t ready but mostly because I was so embarrassed about my labia. I kept reading about it and I found this blog when i was 14 and it gave me a little comfort but I still felt like I would be made fun of bc ya know. They’re immature boys. Which is what happened my first time. Fast forward to now, I’m 18 and have been with the same guy since I was 15 and he loves everything about me, makes me feel like I’m perfect even when he knows I’m uncomfortable with myself but working on it. So ladies there are real men out there who will love you regardless of your body. You should never feel embarrassed of the way you were made! It’s not “roast beef” and it doesn’t mean you’ve had to much sex or you’re loose. It’s just the way we are. And we’re perfect!

Thank you for your lovely submission 🙂 I absolutely love your positive attitude!

Clare xo

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