Uncomfortable with the way my labia look

uncomfortable with the way my labia lookI am 22 years old. At about the age of 17 I started to become uncomfortable with the way my labia look. For the past five years I have grown more and more obsessively critical about their length and appearance. To the point where I would daydream about cutting them myself (which I know is ridiculous, but surgery is very expensive and was not at all an option accessible to me any time soon.)

For the most part they do no harm, though they can make tight clothes uncomfortable, and biking isn’t much fun either. I’ve kept myself away from intimate romantic relationships because I’m afraid of how a partner may view down there. Though i’ve come to realise the real problem is my own relationship with my body.

I’m trying my hardest to accept myself the way I am, though surgery is something I heavily think about. So I hope this photo can be of some comfort to someone else. x

Thank you for being brave enough to open up about your insecurities and for sharing your photo for others who may be going through similar struggles.

You have already won half the battle by realizing that the real problem is your own relationship with your body. The other half of the battle will not be easy, but can be won, and surgery is not the answer.

I would suggest that you spend some time each day alone with a mirror, making peace with your body. Read this post by Coach Jane about how important this is. Facing your insecurities head-on and confronting them will allow you to take charge over them, and will be an important part of your journey towards self-acceptance.

Clare xo

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