My vagina is a weird shape

Can you do this anonymously please thank you. I’m 14 years old and I feel like my vagina is a weird shape 1 side is way longer than the other and a darker colour but the other one is fine I wish it could be like the other side but it’s not , I can’t talk to any of my friends/family about it because it’s awkward and I just want to feel good about my vagina which I’m really trying to love but I just can’t I want it to be all tucked in and neat I just really want to feel good and confident about it . Sorry for the long paragraph but your the only person I’ve told this to and I really just needed to tell somebody can you give me some advice please. Thank you so much x

All posts on the Labia Project are published anonymously so you don’t need to worry about keeping your identity private 🙂

What you are describing, with the one side of your labia being longer than the other, is known as labia asymmetry. It is very common and it is part of the normal variations in labia. You have absolutely nothing to be worried about.

The same goes for the darker coloration of the labia minora. This is also very common, and normal variations in color range from pink to purple to shades of brown and grey. It is especially common among women of color and ethnic descent.

Your discovery of the Labia Project is the first important step in your journey towards self-acceptance. As you can see from this site, no two vaginas are the same (just as everybody has a unique set of fingerprints and every snowflake is beautiful and unique).

You should also spend some time every day looking at your vagina – doing this with a handheld mirror is the easiest, and you should obviously only do this when you have some privacy and alone-time. This will help you to get to know your body better and hopefully, to become comfortable with your uniqueness.

Clare xo

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