Virgin with larger labia

Hi! I’ve been visiting this website on and off for a few years and I really appreciate it whenever I feel insecure about my larger labia. I’m 18 and have never had a boyfriend, haven’t even had my first kiss yet! So I am a virgin with larger labia. I never really thought about my labia too often because I was always focused on at least getting into a relationship first. Recently I’ve been getting into dating apps and thinking about relationships and sex more than before, and thinking about losing my virginity makes me pretty excited! but also nervous. This kind of triggers some insecurities and fears about what a guy would feel about my body when we finally get intimate. I rediscovered this site for the first time in a couple years and it has really helped me in my thoughts. Thanks to you and all people who have submitted!

Thank you for sharing!

Losing your virginity can be an event surrounded with anxiety. Will it hurt? Will your partner enjoy it? Will you?

The fear that your partner may have negative thoughts about your body and your larger labia, can add to the anxiety. If he makes negative comments during your first sexual experience, this is likely to stay with you for a long time, and may be the source of serious insecurities which you carry through your adult life.

It can help if your first time is with someone you trust, who is mature, and who is with you for the right reasons. Your first time should be special and not stressful, so please don’t rush into it with the wrong guy who may pass ignorant and hurtful remarks.

Clare xo

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