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Hello! I’m a woman who has a visible labia and also works in the adult industry as I feel it to be part of my soul’s mission to make my body type more normalized. I also just left a response to a “roast beef” slander meme today in support of women’s bodies that left me blocked from the entire group. I would really like to become involved in a larger movement in support of this, so I am just wondering if there are ways I could volunteer or otherwise get more word out about this project? I wouldn’t want to use the name without getting in contact with you guys first! Thank you for reading and I hope this finds you well and that you are having a good day.

It’s great that you want to become involved in the important movement that the Labia Project represents. The challenge of normalizing perceptions around larger labia becomes easier with committed people joining the cause.

You’re most welcome to spread awareness about the Labia Project in any way that you can.

May I ask what you do in the adult industry? Have you ever been treated differently (either in a good way or a bad way) because of your visible labia?

Clare xo

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