White patches of skin on my vagina

white patches of skin on my vaginaI’m 26 years old and of asian descent. I have these small white patches of skin on my vagina and around my anus. It makes me feel super self conscious. Can something be done to make the colour even?

There are a few possible causes of white patches the vulva. These include a fairly common condition known as Lichen Sclerosus which is characterised by small pearly white spots developing on the vulva and around the anus.

I would suggest seeing a gynecologist or a dermatologist who can give you a medical diagnosis and advise you on any steps that can be taken to address any condition that you may have.

If it is Lichen Sclerosis, there is no permanent cure for the condition, but there are a few treatment options available, including topical steroids (steroid creams) which can assist in reducing the appearance of the white patches and assist in managing the condition.

Clare xo

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