Why I had labiaplasty

Like many of the women on here, I have always felt incredibly insecure about the appearance of my labia minora. Throughout puberty, the size and colour of my labia minora changed due to hormonal changes, and for many years I didn’t have the confidence to discuss this ‘change’ with any of my friends or family members, let alone a medical professional. I found great comfort in looking at blogs (like this one) that promote body positivity, which enabled me to feel less isolated at a time when I felt most alone.

A year ago, I was referred to see a gynaecologist due to an unrelated issue (which has since been resolved), but after the stress of baring all to various medical professionals (including my doctor, consultant and multiple nursing staff), I decided (aged 26) to undergo labiaplasty. I researched local, reputable surgeons and booked an initial consultation a few months later.

Having labiaplasty is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made and has drastically improved my confidence. However, I had suffered emotional and physical pain for many years prior to having this surgery, and I urge anyone who is considering having this surgery done to think very carefully about it.

Whilst there are very few complications and risks associated with the surgery, the recovery period is slow and uncomfortable, and the surgery itself is distressing to go through (especially for someone who has no previous experience of surgery). It is important that you find an experienced surgeon who you not only feel very comfortable with, but who is also not going to abuse your body and is only going to make the ‘necessary’ changes (i.e. remove minimal excess skin) to improve physical comfort and sensation in the area. Reconstructions are expensive, and are also very complicated (and in some cases impossible) to perform, so finding a reputable surgeon to begin with is of great importance.

I hope that any of you considering this procedure (who are not in physical pain like I was) can learn to love and live with your labia as they are, which is something I regret not being able to do. This blog is truly inspiring/empowering and long may it continue!

Thank you for your wonderful insights and for your words of support for women out there who are self-conscious of their labia.

You are correct that going through with a labiaplasty procedure should not taken lightly. I’m so glad to hear that your labiaplasty journey turned out to be a positive one – it sounds like you did thorough research beforehand and did not simply undergo the procedure on a whim or for the wrong reasons.

Clare xo

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