Why is my vagina sagging?

why is my vagina saggingwhy is my labia saggingI’m 25 years old and I have noticed a change in my vagina over the past couple of months. Why is my vagina sagging? The left side is sagging more than the right and it is annoying how it gets caught on my underwear and clothing especially during sports activities.

It is normal for women to experience changes to their labia minora throughout their lives. This can include some growth, changes in colour (which usually involves darkening), and changes in texture.

The changes can be triggered by hormonal factors, and genetics also play a large role in the process. Natural childbirth can also cause some lasting physiological changes in women, although the vagina is a very elastic organ and generally retains its shape despite childbirth.

The hormonal and genetic changes are alarming for many women who panic and mistakenly assume that something is wrong. They are a normal part of womanhood and are not a cause for concern.

Have a look at my reply in this post for some tips on clothing options which might help with the discomfort that you experience during sports activities.

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