I wish I had an outtie labia and bigger clitoris

I have an “innie” labia but sometimes I honestly wish  I had an outtie labia. My friends who have them are self conscious but are able to orgasm. They say that the rubbing on them from penetration makes it feel better. My Clitoris is very small and far away from my vaginal opening making it hard for me to orgasm. I’ve never been able to orgasm through penetration and it takes me so long to finish through clitoral stimulation. It makes me feel like less of a woman. What can I do?

The size of the exposed part of the clitoris varies among different women, and can range from smaller than a pea, to as large as a child’s small finger. All of these variations are normal and are largely the product of different hormonal levels in the body.

What most women don’t realize is that the clitoris extends about 5 inches into a woman’s body, and the internal part is also very sensitive and has millions of nerve endings which contribute to sexual pleasure.

To stimulate your internal clitoris, pay attention to the area above the exposed part of your clitoris during masturbation. If you have a vibrator, using it on this area instead of directly on your clitoris may be very pleasurable and make you orgasm more easily.

Every woman’s body is different, and you will need to experiment with different things during masturbation and sex to discover exactly what “hits the spot” for you.

Clare xo

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