Yellow dots on my inner labia

I really want no one in the whole world to know who this is but please can you still post an answer? If you do thank you so much! I’m 15 and my labia are quite long. However this isn’t what I’m self conscious about. I have little white / yellow dots on my inner labia. They can’t be an STD as I haven’t done anything! I’m a little bit worried and would appreciate help. As well as this when I shave I get little red bumps. Is this normal? How can I get them to go? Many thanks

Thank you for your submission. All submissions are posted anonymously so you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing who you are.

The dots on your labia are likely to be fordyce spots. These are enlarged oil glands and around 70% of all adults have them on different parts of their bodies. They are completely normal and are harmless. They aren’t caused by any disease, and it’s likely that you’ve always had them, but that they become more noticeable / prominent as you got older. If they are really bothering you, they can be treated through laser treatments or topical ointments prescribed by your gynecologist. They may also fade naturally over time without treatment, so you may want to wait it out and see if that happens before you try any treatments.

The red bumps after shaving are probably caused by irritation of the skin. To reduce this, try shaving in the direction of the hair growth rather than against it, and you could also try using coconut oil on the area after shaving to soothe the area. Waxing as an alternative to shaving may also help and will give you smoothness for longer than shaving (although waxing can be quite painful, especially the first few times!).

Clare xo

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